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Finish the Triangle Without the Arm

Finish the Triangle Without the Arm


The triangle choke is one of the most deadly and high percentage submissions in grappling.  It utilizes the powerful leg and thigh muscles to crush the opponents shoulders, neck and arm together with the hopes of cutting the blood flow off to the brain via the carotid arteries on either side of the neck.

The triangle is typically one of the first submission techniques learned as a white belt and even the most casual MMA fan with little to know grappling knowledge are able to identify and understand.  So why is it one of the most difficult techniques to become proficient at and perfect?

Though it is one of the first submissions we are exposed to, it is also one that involves quite a number of steps and possible pitfalls along the way.  If the opponent's posture is not controlled initially with one's arms, or if your legs don't come up and control the posture afterwards, the opponent will posture up and back out and escape.  If the arm is not brought across the opponent's face or if the proper angle is not achieved, the choke will not be tight and the carotid on that side will not be cut off.

To explore more about how the triangle can be one of the most dynamic submissions you should work very hard to improve to be able to terrorize your opponents, check out this article at BJJ Fanatics about the topic.

In the video below, MMA and grappling guru Neil Melanson addresses the notion that we must bring the opponent's arm across our bodies and trap it in front of their face to make the choke tight.

The arm on the mat finish is key for Coach Melanson because as he states in the video, the majority of his triangle finishes originate from an overhook style control on the opponent.  For him, taking the trouble to bring the arm across the body is both unnecessary and may actually invite more trouble and problems for you.  Unless that arm on the mat is controlling your hips, the opponent can keep it on the mats all they want and not be a concern.  It simply requires you to be more strategic with how position your knees and how you apply pressure to ensure that your knee is in the right location in relation to the rear deltoid of the opponent to maximize pressure on the carotid.

The lessons and short cuts learned from this video should illuminate the idea that the standard or classic technique we have learned and drilled in class, do not always manifest themselves exactly like we expect them and we should feel free to be creative and modify them when necessary with body adjustments and grip adjustments to ensure that we secure the perfect submission in an imperfect world.

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