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Fly into 2019 with This Flying Armbar!

Fly into 2019 with This Flying Armbar!


Counter the common shin to shin attack with a not so common flying armbar!

Flying techniques are often thought of mainly happening from the feet.  This can cause people to stray away from the technique due to the fear of falling from a high distance. Learning flying techniques surely can be dangerous but having a safer entry point can help teach some of the finer details without having to fear gravity. When first learning these sorts of techniques it can be beneficial to start from a more manageable position.

Here, BJJ Fanatics resident Armbar Ambassador Renato Canuto demonstrates a flying armbar entry from the shin to shin position.  As you watch the initial stages of the technique notice how Canuto maintains a slow steady movement. This is important because fast jerking motions can lead to injury. Many of the concepts covered in this video can be applied to all sorts of flying techniques.

First, Canuto goes over some of the basics of the shin to shin position. Understanding the intentions of your opponent can give some insight on the obstacles that you will have to overcome while attacking. Renato makes use of a strong framing arm on Musumeci’s neck and chest area. His other arm is gripping the inside leg. These grips will allow Canuto to keep the opponent’s base centered on their hips which is an essential skill when passing someone in most sit-up guard positions.

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Keeping your opponents base in this tipping position can make it easier to react to his forward pressure. As the opponent pushes into Canuto’s base he uses their momentum to pull, step, and grip. As he pulls his opponent forward this allows him to step backwards and reestablish his base. Now Renato is able to get a deep grip on his opponent’s hugging arm.

At the 3:05 mark of the video you can see a safe way to start to learn this technique. This is a great way to learn some of the finer details without the worry of flying through the air and smashing your training partners face!

With the grip established on Musumeci’s hugging arm, Canuto is able to use it to pull the arm deeper into his legs as he transitions past the shin to shin attack. If you notice as Canuto demonstrates the technique at different speeds his head is right above his shoulder grip. This allows Canuto to fall the direction he desires instead of belly down.

Being able to threaten an opponent from every position offers a lot of advantages. Constantly forcing your opponent on the defensive will often lead to a cascading effect that they cannot keep up with. Misreading your strategy will provide opportunity to finish. 50 Shades of Armbar has the goal of making you an Armbar finisher!






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