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Grips Are Everything In Jiu Jitsu

Grips Are Everything In Jiu Jitsu


If you want to excel at Jiu Jitsu and the Grappling Arts - According to John Danaher, you need to learn to grip with a purpose.

There are two types of gripping games, positive and negative.

Negative gripping game is a very defensive game where you are looking to neutralize and defend against your opponent's gripping attempts.  This does not lead to a submission or attack.  It's basically a no win game.

A positive grip game, is all about setting up a grip that will lead you to a submission oriented finish.


Gripping should also be done with a purpose.  If you goal is to enter into a heel hook aka ashi garami, John Danaher shows you how to threaten with an arm drag POSITIVE grip to either set up the arm drag for back control OR if they defend the arm drag properly, how to setup the ashi garami.

This insightful video on gripping comes from Version 2.0 of Leglocks: Enter The System where John Danaher explains his theories on the importance of gripping in his system.

What is the John Danaher Leg Lock System all about?

Check out this video where John goes over the whole system.

FYI - did you know that Deal Lister was one of the major influences of John Danaher learning the leg lock system?


Dean Lister said to him "Why would you ignore 50% of the body?!?"

John had no immediate answer for this simple question.  But over time, John stewed on the idea and used that as motivation to change grappling as we know it.  From that chance conversation formed a simple but cataclysmic idea:

Focus on what most jiu jitsu practitioners ignore.

During those days Dean Lister was known for his Achilles lock and he later went on to win 2 ADCC titles.

But it wasn’t a grappling technique that John Danaher learned from Dean Lister, it was the simple perspective that most Jiu Jitsu practitioners are missing something in plain sight – the legs.


Learn more about gripping, controls, leg lock systems, and sub systems with John Danaher


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