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How Much More Erberth Santos Can BJJ Take?

How Much More Erberth Santos Can BJJ Take?


 BJJ World Champion Starts Bizarre Brawl

World Champion Erberth Santos has been fighting his bad boy image long before he ever received in his black belt.  With a reputation for somewhat questionable behavior during his matches, he did very little to extinguish that reputation this weekend at the BJJ All Stars event in Sao Paolo.  The event featured some extremely high profile BJJ competitors like Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida Joao who was defeated by Joao Gabriel Rocha.  The event also saw Nicholas Meregali defeat Leandro Lo.

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But these amazing fights took a backseat to the events that unraveled during the highly anticipated match between Felipe Pena and Erberth Santos.  During the match, Erberth appeared to injure his knee during a sweep attempt by Pena.  As the referee intervened and called medical personnel over to look at the injured Santos, a verbal altercation between audience members and Santos prompted Erberth to leap to his feet and run off the stage into the crowd apparently at members of Pena's team.

The alleged injured knee did not appear to be any factor as Erberth sprinted from one side of the mat to the other finding himself in a second melee.  Security and spectators eventually calmed the scene.  Representatives of BJJ Stars expressed their frustration with the occurrence and stated that Erberth Santos would not compete for the promotion again.

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 Check out this video for footage of the bizarre behavior.  

Incidents like these continue to plague the career of Erberth Santos.  What do you think the BJJ community should do to prevent these in the future?  Should Santos be banned from competition?  Or perhaps sanctioned in some other way?

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