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How To Learn New Techniques Online



There is a lot of fantastic jiu jitsu instruction available for free on the internet; all you have to do is know where to look.  The main problem is you don’t want to get fancy but ineffective techniques and absorbing the information contained in these instructional videos isn’t as easy as learning directly from an instructor.

For starters, as much as possible, check the technique with someone who knows what they are doing, or better yet stick with instructors who are well known and respected.  For example your chances of getting bad information from the Miyao brothers or Bernardo Faria are lower than Jeff Nobody from the Backyard Brawl Gym.

Once you’ve verified that the technique you are trying to learn is legit, or at least have chosen a technique from a well known and respected instructor, it’s time to learn the technique.  Choose a training partner who knows enough to learn new techniques on their own and drill the technique SLOWLY with them to truly absorb the information.

Watch the video closely, there are often details that you can miss in a cursory viewing of a technique, often the instructor will gloss over these details because they assume you’ll notice them, watch the video in such a way that these don’t escape your grasp…  Once you feel you are comfortable with and understand the technique, go ahead and try it while live rolling, first against someone of lower skill than you, and then work your way up to people of equal or higher level.

If you are still struggling with a technique after learning it, and have tried to run it by an instructor/people who know what they’re doing, and you still are having a hard time, look up the instructor who put the video together and reach out to them directly.  Very often, instructors are more than happy to help with content they put on the web.


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