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Is Your BJJ Just Going Through the Motions?

Is Your BJJ Just Going Through the Motions?


Be Present and Shorten Your Jiu Jitsu Learning Curve

For many of us jiu jitsu is a hobby, something we do in addition to our job, family time, kids activities and the list goes on and on.  Because of this, it can be challenging to make time for BJJ, but we find a way to make time and get on the mats as much as possible.  The question is, are we doing the right things once we get there?  Are we just showing up and going through the motions, or are we maximizing our time on the mats and truly studying the art?

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When I look back on the past year or so, I have realized that there are times when I come to class and I simply train.  I watch the technique, and then I go do that and then watch the next move and go do that, so on and so forth until class is over. 

Other times I come to class and really focused on the details of the technique, drill it multiple times simulating live training in both flow and intensity, and then focused on that technique during live training after class.  It goes without saying that the day I show up and truly study the technique, the more I retain from class. 

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Sure, there are days when we may not want to go to class, or we have other things on our mind, and on those days it’s important to simply show up but the goal should be to be there studying the technique the majority of the time.  Many practitioners find keeping a jiu-jitsu journal to be very helpful.  

Simply writing the technique in your journal after class forces you to recall the details of the technique as if you were teaching, which is another great way to help you retain the details of the technique, teach the move to someone else, maybe during an open mat. 

Finally, video instructionals (from BJJ Fanatics of course) can be a great way to help you understand a position or technique better and can be especially useful when you are traveling, or have down time at home or at work.

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