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It’s Time To “Get Gangster” With Chael Sonnen

It’s Time To “Get Gangster” With Chael Sonnen



Chael Sonnen is the Bad Guy. He’s also got the biggest guns in West Linn, Oregon. You know who he is. What you might not know is he isn’t just a wrestler turned MMA legend. He also is in fact a Black Belt in Jiu-Jitsu. Sonnen earned the illusive belt from Jiu-Jitsu Legend Fabiano Scherner.

Sonnen’s grappling style utilizes his Gangster approach. What does this mean exactly? Well Chael would have to fully explain that to you himself, but from the outside looking in, we will do our best to encapsulate what it means to be a Grappling Gangster. Sonnen began his martial arts career as a wrestler, with that comes that grinding/smashing style. When you watch Chael grab a hold of a submission, or the back of your head there is a DIFFERENT type of energy to it. Every grip, head fake, and submission is done with West Linn’s biggest arms, and Gangster is the only way to describe it! Check out some techniques from Gangster Grappling with Chael Sonnen!


Sonnen has a unique approach to the Anaconda Choke. He first points out to not over commit your arm through to the armpit. This will give access to your elbow allowing for the opponent on the bottom to start to reverse the position. To help keep his elbow to his ribs, Chael makes use of his outside arm, in what can only be described as Gangster. Sonnen’s goal is to get the outside hand’s thumb to touch his partner's face, once it does he locks it down with his other hand. Now imagine Chael Sonnen squeezing your noggin from this spot…

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Chael begins to sit to his right while maintaining “tremendous pressure”, this causes his opponent to collapse to their side. From here Chael immediately uses his leg to trap his opponent’s arm. This is essential because anyone with experience in this position is going to know that they must separate their shoulder from the side of their neck if they plan on staying awake. By using your leg you can trap that arm from retreating.

By using the free leg to trap the arm you can tighten the lock enough to eventually grip your own bicep muscle. Chael points out that this is an essential detail to successfully finish the anaconda choke. Once your hands are properly locked you can start to add the necessary squeeze to finish the technique. 

Gangster Grappling by Chael Sonnen
Chael Sonnen needs little introduction to his skills and accomplishments. Sonnen has competed in the UFC, Bellator, and even ADCC! Gangster Grappling BY Chael Sonnen takes a look at the techniques that helped him become one of the most feared Grapplers in the history of MMA.



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