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Knee Slice Magic with JT Torres

Knee Slice Magic with JT Torres



The knee slice pass is one of the most tried and true methods of breaking through the guard in all of BJJ. This popular technique is a staple int eh arsenals of BJJ players all over the world and it continues to evolve. With that being said the knee slice pas shas also accumulated a number of enemies in the form of defenses and counters. Generally, the knee slice will find the guard passer cutting the inside knee through the middle of the guard and looking to connect it to the floor. At the top of the body the hunt begins for control in the form of a cross face or controlling the bottom arm. The process is quite simple and there are multiple methods of implementing the pass but the road blocks are many and a little bit of deception is going to be necessary for you to make this one stick on your savviest training partners and opponents. 

In a no gi setting, things tend to move a little quicker. With the gi we have the luxury of multiple anchoring points and this allows us to incrementally work our way through the pass with a little added security. Without the use of the gi we may have to use a bit of misdirection and some trickery to bring the knee slice to life.

If you’ve ever been able to watch JT Torres pass the guard, you’ve no doubt been treated to some of the finest artwork in BJJ. Torres is a master of misdirection and stringing different passes together to get the job done. His movement is incredibly precise and his passing procedures resemble water being poured over an object and finding its way to the ground. Torre’s passing artistry was on full display this year at ADCC, as he systematically worked his way through his division, claiming gold once again and cementing himself as one of the all-time greats. 

So, when we’re referring to some of the best knee slice work in the game, Torres is definitely at the top of the list. He finds his way to the knee slice often and has a great deal of success with the pass. Check out this piece of instruction Torres released with Bernardo Faria. Here, you’ll get a look at one of the most comprehensive blueprints on the knee slice you’ve ever seen. This one has all the elements of great passing with some misdirection, careful consideration for threats, and an amazing finish. We’ve broken this one down before, but if you missed, you have to see it! Have a look! 


This is just simply amazing. So well thought out and all the bases are covered. From the entry to the finish, Torres allows nothing to stand in his way and observes some of the most common threats to the pass. There’s a big focus on the knee shield here, as this may be the biggest threat to the knee slice pass. Torres keeps this in mind throughout the instruction and makes sure there’s no chance for the knee shield to enter the fold. I also really enjoy how Torres takes his partner to the opposite side, creating some doubt about where he’s actually heading. The pommeling of the foot to the inside is also a money detail. The whole sequence is just phenomenal. 

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However, as much as you work to keep that pesky knee shield out of the game, you will undoubtedly make a mistake at some point and let it in. This doesn’t mean your knee slice isn’t good or that you should immediately retreat though. This is a common problem and it looks like we can count on Torres for another great answer. Check out this brief clip on instruction from Torre’s new series, No gi Fundamentals: Top Game. Here, he provides us with a quick response to the knee shield that we can implement ASAP! Have a look! 


Beginning in the knee slice with the knee shield in place, Torres goes over some of the aspects of control before sharing the adjustment. His knee points in toward the belly, as he cups the knee shield and folds it under his midsection. He then posts his right hand on the hip and clamps down with his elbow. Using his left hand, Torres scoops under the knee and begins to come up out of the position traveling back to the centerline. As this occurs, Torres now brings his right elbow back to the inside of his partners thigh and flares his elbow, resetting, and again keeping the knee shield from his path. Torres can now return safely to the knee slice position with the shield removed. As he returns Torres rolls his right elbow over the thigh and begins to settle in, completing the pass. 

This is a great answer for a problem that’s all too common in our passing adventures and it's simple enough to put into practice during your next training session. Great stuff from one of the very best! 

No Gi Fundamentals: Top Game by JT Torres
No Gi Fundamentals: Top Game By JT Torres is the first installment of JT’s game changing series! Learn how to dominate from the top position with 2019 ADCC Champ JT Torres!



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