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Kurt Osiander's Side Control Demoraliser

Kurt Osiander's Side Control Demoraliser


Side control can be a great position depending on whether you are the controller or the controllee.  Once you are passed someone's guard, side control can serve as an oasis where you can catch your breath and plan your next attack in relative safety.  With way less energy than you would think, if you properly keep tabs on the opponents hips and where they are looking, you should have some time in this position and not be in too much danger.

On the other hand, if you end up on the bottom, you may begin questioning why you ever started BJJ.  Even the smallest training partners can literally feel like boulders if they are distributing their weight properly and controlling you on bottom.  From the bottom up, nearly everything you do can lead to even worse situations, so many times you end up spending an inordinate amount of time making piece with never getting out of this position.

BJJ OG Kurt Osiander is a firm believer in the use of side control to dominate and control your opponent.  In the video below, he introduces the viewers of his highly popular "Move of the Week" series on YouTube, to a particularly nasty side choke from side control known as the Demoraliser.  Take a look and get ready to start losing friends at the gym when you land this on them.

 For more "Fundamentals of a BJJ Renegade" check out Kurt's most recent instructional series from BJJ Fanatics.  His old school techniques are so good, they're becoming 'new school.'  Kurt Osiander is such an OG, he's probably forgotten more jiu jitsu than we will ever know.  Get this set filled with all of his favorite techniques.






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