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Leveraging Takedowns and Escaping the Turtle Position

Leveraging Takedowns and Escaping the Turtle Position


The Champ is here, and he’s bringing his takedowns with him. When talking about the most accomplished athletes in combat sports, Henry Cejudo is sure to come up. He is the only Olympic GOLD MEDALIST and UFC Champion. This weekend he will have a GOLDEN opportunity to add another title when he faces Marlon Moraes for the 135 lb championship.

Having a solid takedown game is essential for any grappler. When you possess the ability to put the fight wherever YOU want, you can significantly increase your chances of victory. This is especially true in MMA.

When striking is involved the guard can be a little bit trickier, so being in the top position is ideal. This is where Cejudo might have the best insight out of any martial artist. If you watch any Cejudo fight in the UFC you can tell that his opponent is always concerned for the takedown. This created opportunities for Cejudo to employ his criminally underrated striking game. If you aren’t an MMA guy don’t worry this applies to pure grappling as well.

Gi or No-Gi the ability to control where the battle takes place will usually be an advantage. Have you ever had an opponent who came out and you could tell right away that they had good takedowns. Head fakes, level changes, and feints. OH MY.

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It can be pretty evident if someone has some tricks up their sleeves in the takedown department. In High Level Takedowns Henry teaches you how to increase your fluidity on the feet. Instead of your run of the mill “do this, do that” style instructional, Cejudo peels back the curtain on the techniques that have made him one of the greats.

Part 1 of High Level Takedowns and Mat Control is all about this initial movement stage. As you watch Henry move you can tell that there are layers of tactics simultaneously at play. The first part of the instructional is pure GOLD for folks who know some takedowns but can’t ever find their way to the inside and apply them.

Wrestling produces some of the very best athletes in grappling in MMA and they usually have a brutal top game. Although one of the first things a wrestler should do when training Jiu-Jitsu is practice fighting from off of their back, they usually don’t have to. Attacking the turtle is a unique perspective that Cejudo has forged in the fires of competition for most of his life.

Jiu-Jitsu folks have a way they usually like to escape the turtle/back positions. That said, having another tool in the tool belt can be quite an advantage. Cejudo’s turtle defense can add another layer for Jiu-Jitsu people to buff up their escape skills. Keep in mind that Cejudo has made a career escaping the turtle or “referees position” as it’s referred to in wrestling.  Check out the unique approach he applies in the video below!


Whether you are an MMA addict or a BJJFANATIC Henry Cejudo’ High Level Takedowns & Mat Control For Grapplers has exactly what you need to elevate your game to new heights! If you are tired of pulling guard and getting smashed it might be time to add some GOLD STANDARD techniques from Henry Cejudo!



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