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Mount Escape to Leg Attacks with Tom DeBlass

Mount Escape to Leg Attacks with Tom DeBlass


Escaping the mount will always be of great fundamental importance in BJJ.

It’s usually one of the very first things we learn, and for many of us it may have been our very first glimpse of the effectiveness of BJJ. For me, it was the exact technique that got me hooked. While escaping the mount to improve your position will always remain a basic fundamental concept in your training, escaping the mount to a leg lock may not have been on your radar.

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If you’ve never been exposed to this idea, it is one of the most basic and accessible entries in to the legs that exists. I’ll often see competitors so confident in their ability to execute this transition that they allow their opponents to mount them, just to create the opportunity for an escape to a leg entanglement.

In this video Tom DeBlass shows us how to go from the bottom mount directly into the legs. The video is a little grainy, but the instruction is top notch and easy to follow! Have a look!

DeBlass begins by reminding us of a very important detail. Keeping the elbows tight to our side as to not allow any separation of our arms from our body. Never forget this!

Planting his hands firmly on his partners hips, DeBlass performs a simple bump to propel his partner up and over his own head. As he does this a pocket of space opens up between him and his partner. He brings his knee through this pocket of space, and wraps his other leg around the outside of his partner’s leg, forming what can be recognized as an ashi garami position.

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From here, DeBlass secures the bite on the heel and continues to roll toward his belly, applying pressure to the lock, and forcing the tap. DeBlass chose to pursue a heel hook here, but there are many options where attacking the legs are concerned.

Keep this in mind. It is actually a very natural feeling movement that you may find yourself in, even accidentally from time to time. Take advantage of your options here!

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