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Product Spotlight: Impassable Premium Black Gi!



Here is a new feature that I will be covering. I will be reviewing one of the great products that are sold at BJJFanatics. There are some awesome things to check out, but let me start out with one of my favorite gi’s sold on the site. The gi getting the spotlight today will be the Impassable Premium Black Gi . Let me start by saying that this one of the best gi’s you will get for the money. A gi like this usually sells for $150 or more. But right now, BJJFanatics has it for only $109! Let me showcase this gi and why it is worth every penny.

First, let’s talk about the look. A long time wearer of white and blue gi’s, the black ones always look so cool. Nothing says “bad dude” more than a black gi. It’s a little edgier than the traditional white and blue, as black seems to be the favored color of many modern Jiu Jitsu practitioners. One of the other reasons that this gi looks so good is the patches that are on it. Most gi’s for this sale price are lucky to have two patches. This one has an astounding eight! The patches cover the jacket, and you also have a few on the pants as well. It will serve you both on the training mats and the competition mats.

Now let’s see the fine details. The gi is made of 550 cotton. Meaning it is lightweight, but not light on the durability. This is one gi that can take a beating and keep on ticking. Lightweight gi’s are great, especially if you train or compete a lot. Another functional bonus for this gi is the fact that it has sublimated lycra on the inside of it. The lycra catches and wicks sweat from your body to keep you cool. But I think the lycra material adds to the look as well.

If you’re looking for another gi to add to your collection, this is one not to pass up. It will work well for your every day uniform, but also it looks cool so you can use it as a competition gi as well. For sizes, there is a range of A1 through A5. Meaning if you are a smaller person, or a big guy that there will be one just for you. The only thing you have to consider is that the Impassable Premium gi’s run a little bigger so if you are deciding between a smaller size or bigger size, go with the smaller one. That way, it’ll be more of a better for you. As I mentioned, they are on sale now, for $109 so get one while this deal is still good! I have posted a link below to it. Click the link and check it out.

The Impassable Premium Black Gi for only $109!


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