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Sharpen This Classic Sweep with Lucas Leite

Sharpen This Classic Sweep with Lucas Leite


Know This Classic, High Percentage Sweep!

How many times have you seen the classic “dogfight” sweep from half guard. If you are like me you’ve probably performed it plenty of times and seen it demonstrated even more. After all of that exposure I’m still finding new details and wrinkles to add to this classic move to make it new all over again.

Lucas Leite, who is easily one of the greatest Half Guard players, demonstrates this tried and true technique with an all new spin on it. In keeping true to the spirit of Jiu-Jitsu Lucas has found a way to use even more of his body to perform the dogfight sweep.

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The first detail that caught my eye is not only how he controls the opponents cross face arm, but traps the other arm as well. For me this technique was always done one handed. The entry into the under hook position and the eventual transition to the knees I’ve seen and done plenty of times.

After this is where things started to take a new and interesting turn. If you watch Lucas’s outside leg he does something that I’ve never seen before. He uses it as a hook and actually extends it in the opposite direction of his forward push with his head. This allows him to pivot on his planted knee. The pushing motion he demonstrates is not linear either. He uses the planted knee as a pivot to not only push forward but he circles into his opponent while stretching the trapped leg.

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One of the beauties of Jiu-Jitsu is the continuous changing landscape. New techniques and strategies emerge from almost every major tournament. Not only that, but old techniques get new life breathed into them by the game’s best practitioners. Constantly refining techniques and adding additional layers of details are what allows old techniques to have continuous shelf life instead of becoming forgotten and discarded.

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