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Simple Takedown To Choke Sequence With Kayla Harrison

Simple Takedown To Choke Sequence With Kayla Harrison


Let’s face it, most Jiu-Jitsu folks could use some more takedown training. Many grapplers share similar sentiments when it comes to takedowns. Some people are concerned about safety, while others rather just pull guard. BUT what if you could have a safer way to take the fight to the ground and immediately look to finish? Kayla Harrison has you covered. 

There is a lot to unpack in this quick tip instructional, so let’s get to it! First off this takedown is perfect for those folks out there with limited takedown skills. Although there are tons of GOLD MEDAL details throughout the technique, it is a rather simple concept to grasp. Best of all it is a technique that can be drilled over and over with little impact. 

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The Set-Up

First off is obtaining the sleeve grip and pulling it past your body. Even if your takedown game stinks, there is a good chance if you’ve done Jiu-Jitsu for some time you know how to perform an arm drag. This is a way that you can start to achieve this grip more reliably with your current skills. After snagging the grip Kayla starts to insert her base with some solid footwork. Kayla gains ground as she shuffles her feet towards her partner’s base. It’s important to note where you are placing your feet. Keep your lead leg inside of theirs!

Now that we’ve covered some ground it’s time to get a grip across our partner’s back. Kayla points out that it isn’t simply grabbing cloth. The grip serves as a point to anchor your weight into your partner's upper body. Creating this lean in your opponent’s body will start to make their legs lighter for the eventual throw/chop. 


Once Kayla has all of her grips and positioning where she wants she executes a chop to her partner’s near leg. She describes it as kickstarting a bike. Which is a great analogy! On top of the Kickstart she utilizes a pivoting motion with her body. This pivot pulls the opponent's weight towards the compromised base, thus making them fall to their hands and knees. The chances that they post are high, because otherwise they will be hitting their face on the mat. Yikes. 

On to the choke. Buckle up. 

There is a popular saying in the grappling community that Judo “Has No Chill”. If you’ve ever watched a “Ne Waza” highlight you will see some of the most vicious submissions applied with absolute disregard for limb integrity or blood flow. IT’S AWESOME. So when you see Kayla slide into a choke like a JUDO monster this is why. 

As soon as their base is hitting the floor Harrison is ON THAT CHOKE. She immediately starts to walk her hip and legs around her partner’s body in a clockwise motion. Hence the name used in the U.S., the clock choke. Another nice variation is how Harrison utilizes her elbow to keep the head immobile allowing the choke to be more effective. 

Okay now let’s talk about the nose bump. First off, OUCH. In the beginning we talked about safety and being able to train this technique continuously. If you are constantly punching your partner’s nose this might not be the case. SO, while training make sure to be tactile how you slip the choke in. That said, in a more competitive avenue like a tournament as long as you aren’t blatantly forearm shivering your opponent in the face you should be good to give them a little nudge while sliding into this clock choke of doom!

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