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Single Leg Half Guard Arm Bar With Renato Canuto

Single Leg Half Guard Arm Bar With Renato Canuto


Master The Unexpected Arm Bar From Single Leg Half Guard by Renato Canuto

Sneaky submissions are great. Having one or a few in your arsenal will give you a great advantage over any opponent at any skill level. You can catch an opponent off guard when they are mounting and offense. You can find opportune moments to attack when it is least expected. If you attempt to submit from a common position it is likely that your opponent will be able to see it coming and defend it well. So why not learn to be a little more sneaky with your submissions? Check out this really awesome arm bar from single leg half guard from Renato Canuto for a great example of a sneaky submission. Watch the video below and then will break down the technique.

There are A LOT of sneaky and unexpected submissions from half guard, all you need sometimes is someone to slap you upside the head with some half guard knowledge and it just "makes sense". Tom Deblass will happily slap the shit out of you with some half guard knowledge booms


Half guard is a relatively common position. What is not common from this position is the arm bar. Canuto starts off this technique standing in his opponent’s sit up sweep, with a lapel grip from behind the leg. What Canuto likes to do from this position is stop them from coming close to his leg before they stand up. He feeds his thumb through the back of his opponent’s collar and uses his forearm to pressure at that arm with the lapel grip. By pushing on the arm and pulling on the arm with the lapel grip at the same time you control your opponent and give yourself an opportunity to pull your foot out and start dominating the position.

Notice how Renato Canuto kicks his legs across his opponent while maintaining his grips at the wrist and behind the neck. He takes a big step with this leg into his opponent, toppling him over and destroying any semblance of base that he once had. From there it is just a simple sit back into the arm bar. Powerful stuff!

Most BJJ practitioners are not going to be expecting an arm bar from single half leg which is what makes this technique so sneaky. Even though in this video it is broken down into distinct movements it is the fluidity of movements that will surprise your opponent and make this a successful submission.

Let’s face it. We all love sneaky submission but we are not all ready to defend against them. So look at this technique as both an offensive and defensive lesson. The more you know about sneak attacks the better that you will be against defending against them too! So practice this technique both attacking and defending and learn the fluidity of movement so you can pull this one off as a big surprise to your opponent!

Tom DeBlass has Mastered the Half Guard. It is go to position to find sweeps, submissions and thinks is the perfect guard for older "less athletic" grapplers. The Half Guard also makes a lot of sense for wrestlers. The half guard has many similar looks to wrestling that makes half guard and easier transition for ex-wrestlers. When you're ready to dive into the wonders of the half guard, look no further than Tom Deblass's Half Guard Domination DVD and Online Series.



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