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Sneaky Calf Slicer from the Reverse Half Guard

Sneaky Calf Slicer from the Reverse Half Guard


As lower body attacks continue to explode with popularity we figured we would share a sneaky submission.  This is a submission that is going to come from the infamous "Truck" position that was popularized by 10th planet founder, Eddie Bravo.  Some people refer to the truck as the twister hook, some people just say it is one hook on the back, and others say that it is an old school greco roman control method.

We are not here to deliberate the name of the position but rather talk about a really cool submission that you can do when utilizing the truck. The truck offers you a myriad of different submissions that you can go for from the position but one of your safest bets will be the calf slicer.  When you go for the calf slicer it will surprise your opponent and when applied correctly it is a super good move.  Let's take a look at the video below with Bernardo Faria and Aaron Benzrihem where they break down this position. 

Breakdown of the Calf Lock from the Reverse Half Guard with Aaron Benzrihem: 

 So as you can see in the video above there are a lot of things going on and a lot of important details that we need to pay attention to.  The first part is about the set up, basically, you are going to want to end up in the reverse half guard one way or another.  you want to move around and try different passes with the intention of getting to the reverse half guard.  Once you have attained this position you are ready to go.

Somethings to note are that when you get into the reverse half guard you want to make sure that you also get the reverse under hook which is where you put your elbow on the mat in front of their arm pit.  This is one of the most pivotal details in the move.  If you don't get the reverse under hook and you allow them to have the under hook it will not work. 

Once you get the reverse under hook you need to hook their top leg with your leg while pulling them on their side.  This will allow you to get your hook in.  One thing that is paramount at this point is that you keep you knee on the mat or cleared of their knee line.  What this means is that if your knee is in between your opponents legs when attempting this, they may be able to take your back.  Let it be noted that this is a precarious position to be in. 

Once you have achieved all of these things, you are going to want to start your back roll, you do this by coming onto your knees and being in a perpendicular angle with your opponent.  All you need to do for the roll is allow your shoulder to hit the mat and grab your opponents leg that you are not hooking with your arm that was the reverse under hook.  

Once you do this you will be in the truck and you want to now shift you attention to getting the calf lock.  You notice in the video he puts both hands on the top of the toes and he pulls the leg down as he pushes his own leg forward with his other leg.  This is very important and one of the best finishing details. He is doing a leg press motion with his free leg which will give him a lot of force to get the calf lock. 

Although this move is commonly perceived as a calf lock, it can also be a knee compression that threatens the meniscus so you should definitely exercise caution when attempting this submission. It is a tough submission to practice at the academy due to the fact that you have to go relatively hard with it to finish.  You want to pull their leg as you kick your legs as hard as possible to finish.  

There you have it, a good breakdown on what has become a very popular position.  The truck is a great way to threaten the back, attacks the twister, and attack the legs.  there are so many variations of this position and there is not much right or wrong.  You just want to do what works best for you. 

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