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Team Loyalty Is The Most Important Thing

Team Loyalty Is The Most Important Thing


In any relationship, loyalty is a two way street.

For it to be real, it must be done of one's own free will. And for it to last the test of time, it must come from all parties involved.

Combat Sports are weird when it comes to teams. When it comes to competition, you're literally on a stage by yourself. Your coaches can guide you, but you must perform. There's no one to pick up the slack if you're having an off day. No one to rescue you when you make a mistake. You alone are solely responsible for your physical performance.

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But you can't get there without a team. The people that are on the mats with you day in and day out. Coaches that are on the mat keeping you motivated and pushing you to be your best. Training partners that are right next to you in the trenches. Shedding the same blood, sweat, and tears, as you grind out a training session together.

These are the people that you owe your loyalty to. The ones that are there for you when you need that extra push. When you're getting ready for competition. When you need to drill that last technique just a few extra times. The ones that make sure you're at your best.

Without these people you'll never succeed in any combat sport. Which is why your loyalty to them is so important. You must also be there for them when they need you. When they need that extra push. When they're getting ready for competition. When they need to drill that last technique just a few extra times. If not, you become a leach that only takes and never returns. And in time, that relationship will crumble. For it to last, the loyalty must go both ways.

However, forced loyalty is the absolute worst thing in the world. Forced loyalty to a franchise of people that you've never met. A "Master" that you've never shared a mat with. Or a “Star” who's only there when they need to get ready. These are the relationships that ruin everything. The ones that always take and never return.

But you see these relationships all throughout combat sports. Especially in Jiu Jitsu. With the Anti Creonte mentality. The undying loyalty to your "Master". For no other reason than they just happened to be the first gym you went to. No feeling out, no second chances. Regardless of your “Master’s” performance, you are now forever stuck with them.

The excuses for this type of mentality are always the same. The master is giving you all of their secret techniques and methods. By leaving you'll expose those secrets to the world and ruin them. Killing their gym/business. The ultimate betrayal.....

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But in today's world that's almost impossible. The only way for a technique or method to be kept a secret, is to never use it. Which as a competitor, is completely pointless. The second that technique is used in a major competition, it'll be recorded and put up on the internet. If it's successful, there'll be no shortage of Martial Geniuses that will dissect and document it. Then it's either explained and put back on the internet or added into another gym's curriculum. Either way it's no longer a secret skill.

When you look at the most consistently successful gyms in the world, they all have one thing in common. A team of people that are completely loyal to each other. A team where an upcoming fighter gets smashed over and over again by a World Champion that's getting ready to defend their title. Where that same World Champion is back on the mats right after their title defense, to make sure that upcoming fighter is ready for their Pro Debut. They have a familial bond where everyone takes care of each other.

This is what creates Dynasties. Not individual champions, but champion, after champion, after champion. This is where you want to be. When you find a group of people that are this loyal to you, you must return that loyalty.

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