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The Over Under Pass When You're Late

The Over Under Pass When You're Late


The over under pass is one of the most effective guard passes that should be in your arsenal.  By stapling your opponent's body to the mat with shoulder pressure in their diaphragm, while maintaining control of both sides of their hips with an over grip on one side and an under grip around their legs you are able to maintain incredible smashing pressure while giving them no space or ability to shift those hips and create space alleviating the pressure. 

Once the opponent has been immobilized, you are able to tripod your hips up and move freely to manipulate their hips and legs and move around, passing relatively easily while they are left there to suffer what seems like mastodon-esque pressure.

For another in depth look at how to apply the over under pass to different scenarios, check out this article from BJJ Fanatics where the topic is explored!

One of the best pressure passing gurus on the planet is world champion Bernardo Faria.  The over under pass is one that forms the core of his passing game.  In the video below, Bernardo shares a variation of the over under pass that he calls the "Over Under Brother" pass because though similar, it addresses the problem of being late and not securing the opponent's leg with your over grip or the under grip.  Or perhaps, you gave them a little space and they were able to adjust, put both hips on your hips and grab a couple of sleeve grips, now seemingly controlling your hips and your arms.

Don't panic, Bernardo is here with a step by step variation that will have you pressure passing momentarily even when you're late or make the mistake of letting the pressure too early.  Check it out below.

 Key Points to Consider

There are some crucial points to pay attention to in order to ensure that this pass is executed without issue.  The primary problem you've got to deal with is to face the fact that you're either late or you've let them adjust.  So this isn't your Over Under 101 pass where you easily grab the over grip and under grip locking their hips in place.

The Grip

For Bernardo, the grip on both hips must be secured right away to begin taking back control of the situation.  For him, this comes in the form of an over/over grip with four fingers of each hand in the opponent's pants.

Closing the Distance

Once that grip is secured, the distance between your knees and their hips must be shortened immediately to maintain strong control and keep them from having space to make adjustments.

Bicep Against Shin

Once the distance is closed, Bernardo chooses one side and moves his bicep down to the shin of the opponent.  This provides the maximum control over that leg.

Jump and Cover Foot

Once the grips, hips and shins are addressed, one tripods their body and steps over the foot that is not being controlled by the bicep.  Bernardo then walks back to the center line which allows him to easily step over the opponent's leg, thereby passing the guard.

If Sleeve is Captured

 A final detail that Bernado leaves us with is in the event of the opponent capturing the sleeve of the arm that is between the opponent's legs and preventing you from going any further.  To remedy this, he simple sits to one hip and changes the angle of his arm allowing it to easily slide over the opponent's leg and become freed.

 Again, the classic over under pass is an absolute must that everyone should have in their arsenal.  It forms the foundation of most pressure passing systems because of it's relatively simple concept and sheer power and dominating force with which is allows you to pass the opponent's guard.  This variation deals with a common real life scenario when the initial set up is mistimed or the opponent is given the opportunity to create space in the hopes of maintaining distance and controlling you in their guard.

Want to learn from one of the best pressure passers in the history of BJJ competition from the comfort of your own home?  Check out world champion Bernardo Faria's "Battle Tested Pressure Passing" DVD course for the insane price of only $77 today!




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