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The Sneaky Toe Hold From Omoplata



The omoplata can be an awesome technique. Of course, it’s a shoulder cranking submission but it also can be used to get some pretty easy sweeps. Unfortunately there are also easy defenses to the omoplata. Posturing up, rolling over the shoulder, and also stepping over are all ways that people defend the omoplata. But there is one excellent defense to when an opponent tries to step over you. That defense is the toe hold. You can lock up a sneaky toe hold from there. Here is how you can get this effective foot lock submission.

Stopping the step over

As your opponent tries to step over, you use your arm that is closest to his legs and use it to block the leg that he is trying to use to step on over. The area that you block is his shin down by his instep. Then you use your other arm to grab the back of his knee and pull it close to your chest.

Get the toe hold grip

Next, you have to get the correct grip. What you will need to get is the standard toe hold grip. Meaning one hand has to be grabbing the foot up by the toes, while the other goes over the back of his calf and using your free hand grab your own wrist. This will make the secure connection that you need to attain this foot lock.

Pushing the foot and twist

Now that you have the control and the grip, you’ll be able to get the finish. Once you have the toe hold grip, you will need to push the opponent’s foot close to his own butt. When his foot is close to his butt, you will need to twist his foot and he will be tapping before you know it.

When it comes to the step over defense, this is my favorite counter attack. It is sudden and if you can do it quickly enough, your opponent will not have time to defend it. The toe hold is a pretty devastating foot lock. And the pain from it will make almost anyone quit. If you’re looking to improve your foot lock attacks, specifically the toe hold, then check out Dean Lister’s Leg Attacks & Grappling Hacks.

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