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Top Secret Training Tip for Improving BJJ!

Top Secret Training Tip for Improving BJJ!


Read This Slowly. It Will Help Your Game Out Immensely. 

Get out your pen and paper, because I am going to give you a top secret tip for improving your BJJ game. This is not a secret move or technique, it is not a one time magic pill either, but it is a way to train that will pay off in the long haul. Okay, here it is… Train from your worst positions…

I know, crazy. Many people think they already do this, but look around the mat and you see people constantly trying to beat and win against their training partner. There is a time and place for competitive rolling between teammates of equal skill, but if you are training with smaller or maybe less skilled practitioners try stepping away from your A game. Let them put you in uncomfortable spots, learn to escape and stay calm in bad positions. Allow yourself to be caught in submissions, learn to escape a locked arm bar. What is the worst that can happen? You get tapped, that is the worst thing that can happen.

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Drop your ego so you do not get injured and allow yourself to get pulled into deep water, this will help enforce all of your basic techniques and strengthen your understanding of fundamentals. If you can learn to survive in negative positions and think clearly, it will boost your confidence to attack as well, because now you know that even if you mess up and get reversed or lose a submission and end up on the bottom you have the skill to survive and get back to another dominant position to attack again.

So go ahead, live in bottom side control for a change, allow your opponent to start on your back and see if you can escape, maybe even start in spider web position and see if you can escape before your opponent figures out a way to arm bar you. There are thousands of ways to train from negative positions. More examples would be start in a single leg or double leg, this will teach you live takedown defense. Start with an opponent in high mount, learn to survive with your arms separate from your body long enough to regain position and reverse. One more example, start in the dreaded heel hook. Do this with a training partner you trust to not tear your leg off, so many people fear leg locks because they lack the knowledge to defend and attack them themselves; best way to learn this skill is start in the actual lock itself.

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Take this idea of starting from negative positions and watch as your Jiu Jitsu knowledge grows and you gain more confidence in even the worst positions. Maybe, your partner will even let you start in a dominant spot next and then they will learn to survive while you get to work on your attacking this time around!

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