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Transition To A Triangle From A Back Step With Josh Cisneros

Transition To A Triangle From A Back Step With Josh Cisneros



One of the coolest things about the triangle choke is the diversity it offers. The creativity people have demonstrated in terms of different entries into the submission is astonishing. As long as you can get your legs involved and somehow trap an arm, at times it seems like you can get to the triangle from anywhere.

Just as arm bars and triangles can go hand in hand, omoplatas could be classed in the same category as well. When you think of the body positioning for an omoplata, it may not seem ideal for transitioning into a triangle. However, you already have an arm isolated and there are definitely some strategies to get there.

Whether you have been training for years or you just started, think about how many times you have actually finished an omoplata either in competition or just rolling in the gym. When you wach high level Jiu Jitsu competition, omoplata finishes definitely don't happen too often.

The omoplata position can be easy to get to at times, but the opportunity your partner has to roll through and try to escape makes finishing the submission more challenging. Changes to positioning can occur extremely quickly in Jiu Jitsu, so being prepared to capitalize on your position no matter where you are is extremely important. 

If your partner rolls out of an omoplata, where are you going to go? You may try to go for the arm bar, but the arm is facing the wrong way and it may require too many steps for you to finish before your partner does something to prevent it.

In the video below, Josh Cisneros demonstrates an effective back step into a triangle submission after his partner has rolled out of an omoplata, check it out below!


To begin the video, Josh starts from the omoplata position. He follows proper technique by threading his left arm under his leg and gets a grip on his partners collar, and places his other arm over the top of his partners back. As he comes up to a knee and begins applying pressure into his partner to finish the submission, his partner rolls through.

Josh states that from here you want to let your partner roll through. As he does this, Josh comes up to his knees. At this point, the omoplata is no longer a threat and it is time to start capitalizing on the good position you still have and go for something else.

In keeping the collar grip to ensure everything tight, Josh takes a back step with his left left. He clarifies that it is important you do not back step into mount from here. Although being in mount is not a bad place to be, if you are going for the triangle you need to keep one arm in and one arm out. When backstepping, bring that left knee just over his shoulder, collecting his head. Now all you have is his head and arm.

From here Josh pulls his partners head up so he can swing his left leg through and lock up his ankles. Josh then falls to his side so he can work to finish the triangle. He pulls his left leg up by his shin to lock it up, passes the arm over and finishes. Due to being on your side, it is likely your partner is going to try to move to escape. He may try to come up and then you just have your traditional triangle finish, or you may come up and finish it from mount. The arm bar is also available from here. 

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If you hadn’t previously thought about transitioning to a triangle from a failed omoplata, you're not alone. Based on your body position chances are a triangle is not going through your head, however this just shows how one small change such as a backstep can open up a whole new list of possible submissions. 

Josh is a 20 year old Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt who trains under Tom Knox. Josh grew up wrestling from a young age, and began his Jiu Jitsu career at the age of 12. He has a long list of IBJJF titles from all different belt ranks, and most recently he won 1st place in both IBJJF Pan Championship and IBJJF American Nationals in 2020. 

In this instructional, Josh focuses solely on omoplata entities, finishes, and transitions. Included in his instructional you will find techniques covering collar and sleeve entries, roll through with  near and far side hooks, back step to arm bar and kimura, and so much more.

Josh already has many major accomplishments on his record, and continues to prove he is an up and coming star in the sport. Widen your variety of technique from omoplata, check out his instructional here!


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