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UFC 238 Recap!

UFC 238 Recap!


Let’s just say it. Henry Cejudo is THE MAN! UFC 238 is in the books, and it did not disappoint. This event was a great card top to bottom, it had title fights, undercard fights that could’ve been a main event, and fights that helped clear up the title picture. It had it all.

To start Henry Cejudo has now added another talking point to the greatest combat athlete of all time conversation. He is an Olympic gold medalist, UFC Flyweight champ, and now UFC Bantamweight champ. Just when you thought double champ was highest bar to reach Cejudo pushed the bar. It is also rumored that Dana white will allow him to defend both belts, which would also be the first out of the double champions.

Cejudo joins a short list of champs to hold belts simultaneously. Conor McGregor, Daniel Cormier, Amanda Nunes, and now Henry Cejudo are the only athletes to ever hold two belts at the same time.

In the main event Marlon Moraes, who has seen a meteoric rise in the UFC, gave everything he had to the 125lb champ Cejudo. The amount of kicks that Moraes landed in the first two rounds is staggering, literally. Cejudo had his work cut out for him in the first couple of rounds. Moraes looked very strong in the first round landing kicks to the legs and head of Cejudo. Cejudo weathered the storm.

Henry looked to change the tone of the fight in the second round and did so in the latter half of the 2nd round. Cejudo started to evade Marlon’s kicks causing him to fade in the cardio department. The third round is where everything started to go Cejudo’s way. Towards the end of the round Cejudo landed a big knee that took the wind out of Moraes sails. Elbows and hammer fists finished the fight. Cejudo is now the double champ with an Olympic medal to boot. He’s now being referred to as ‘’Triple C” Cejudo, For Triple Champion!

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In the Co-Main event slot we got to see the dominance of Valentina Schevchenko. The first round was very dominant for the champion as Jessica Eye offered little in the way of offense. Schevchenko was landing kicks at will throughout the round. Low kicks, and body kicks set up the eventual head kick that ended the night of Eye, in what many are calling KO of the year contender.

In what many people considered “the people’s main event” Donald Cerrone took on Tony Ferguson. Both athletes going into the fight made it clear that if they won they wanted nothing less than a title fight. After a fight like this it’s hard to deny that, but you never know with the UFC when Conor McGregor is in the division waiting to throw a wrench in everyone’s plans.

People were rightfully excited about this fight, and despite a bit of controversy it surely delivered. Both athletes had extremely high output landing low kicks, body kicks, and stiff jabs. The jabs of Ferguson started to show on Cerrone’s eyes. As the second round came to a close Ferguson landed a hard shot after the bell. Ferguson was given a hard warning, meaning that if he had any further infractions it would be an automatic point deduction. That said, it was not needed because Cowboy’s eye was too bad to continue.  Cerrone tried to blow his nose while in the corner which caused the extra swelling.

This marks Ferguson’s 12th straight victory in the UFC. With Poirier vs Khabib slated for later in the year, it would be AN EXTREME disservice to MMA fans to passby Ferguson for the next title shot. That said, it’s the lightweight division and Conor McGregor tends to get what he wants. Let’s hope the UFC steps away from the “entertainment era” and steps back into rankings based title shots.

Aljamain Sterling looked impressive against Pedro Munhoz. While both athletes had their moments, tonight was Sterling’s night. With Cejudo beating Moraes, it could be a good opportunity for Sterling to make a claim to fight for the belt next!

For a video recap checkout ESPN MMA’s great coverage here:



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