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White to Blue Belt, the most Important Step

White to Blue Belt, the most Important Step


We all know that bjj is one of the most difficult martial arts and that the learning curve is extremely high.  Bjj has the highest dropout rate of any martial art and this is not very surprising.  There is no preconceived notion of how to grapple, but almost everyone has a preconceived notion of how to punch and kick.

That being said, learning bjj is like learning how to swim.  The most important belt in bjj is white, and the biggest step is getting to your blue belt.  Why is this?  When you’re a white belt, for the most part, you have no idea what to do, so all the information you are receiving is new.  You have to build a foundation, learn what bjj is, and you will get in shape as you struggle and tap out. 

Building a Foundation

White to blue belt is the biggest step because this is the time where you will learn the fundamentals and build a foundation to grow upon.  Since most of us who start bjj have no prior grappling experience, everything we learn is laying down a foundation to build on. 

This foundation will also help you develop the skills necessary to learn self-defense.  As Joe Rogan says, in bjj “A blue belt is a dangerous person on the street and knows more than 99% of the people in the world.”  Building a foundation is going to allow you to progress in your future bjj journey.  Check out this article on escapes here to help you build upon your escapes.  Also, check out this video on submissions from side control, these are great fundamental submissions you can use in training.

Learning what BJJ is

An enormous part of white to blue is learning what bjj is .  What do we mean by this?  When you start bjj, most of us assume there will be punches and kicks, but we soon find out that the sparring, for the most part, doesn’t incorporate punches or kicks.  We also find out that a lot of academies start sparring from the knees and the objectives are either to pass, sweep, or submit your opponent.

This is why white to blue is so important, we learn the way bjj classes function, how sparring works, and what your objectives should be.  Starting bjj is always intimidating, that’s why so many people stop.  It is extremely difficult and can discourage people.  Check out this video on how to take an opponent’s back.  A very important fundamental.

Getting in Shape and Tapping Out

Getting in shape and tapping out are perhaps the most important parts of the journey from white to blue belt.  Rolling as a white belt and being at the bottom of the food chain is when you will exert massive amounts of energy rolling.  This is because you won’t know what to do so you will put 100% effort into everything you do.

You will also tap out more than ever and learn from it.  You will get beat up, hurt, and tired beyond belief but it will grow you and help you progress in your bjj journey.  The more you tap the more you learn. Check out this article on the importance of grips to help you build a foundation.  Also, check out this north south escape with world champ Bernardo Faria.

If you want to learn more about going from white to blue belt, check out this 2 DVD set by Travis Lutter, “The Road to Blue Belt.” This is a great resource for any white belt or even blue belt to learn the fundamentals and advance.

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