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Why You Should Check Out the Old School BJJ

Why You Should Check Out the Old School BJJ


What does it mean to be "Old School" with regards to BJJ?  What types of techniques or positions are favored by those considered old school and those considered new school.  Is there really such a thing as "old school BJJ".  

It has always been popular to be nostalgic for a simpler time or for our youth.  No matter what popular culture element, art, or sport you're looking at, the past always informs the future and creates an organic dialogue between the past, present and future that is natural and cannot really be stopped.  

With that said, no matter what your current level of BJJ study, or particular style (Gi or No Gi) you favor, it is always good to look back at the early pioneers of the sport and see what worked for them and perhaps incorporate it into your own games.

One of the best examples of a BJJ pioneer is black belt Murilo Bustamante.  To try to capture all of his accomplishments into an article is almost an insult.  He has been a BJJ world champion, a UFC champion, and helped develop one of the most dominant team of fighters in the history of mixed martial arts in Brazilian Top Team.  If anyone is a great example of "old school" BJJ it is Bustamante.

In the video below, Bustamante makes an interesting point that you should pay attention to when you're considering old school versus new school jiu jitsu.

 The truth is that though he can be considered a pioneer of old school jiu jitsu and MMA, he is constantly on the lookout for new techniques and selectively picking and choosing ones that work from a self-defense or fighting perspective.

 So rather than worry so much about the classification or catchy moniker of your particular style, focus on "putting in your homework" as Bustamante would say and make sure that the techniques you have are clean and well adapted to your particular style.  Having too many frivolous techniques that cannot be pulled off can in some cases be more dangerous than not knowing any jiu jitsu.

Learn the history of the art and take what you can and apply your own individual spin to the old school and the new school so that you can be be part of the ever-evolving history of jiu jitsu and grappling and someday, the kids will look back on something you did with reverence and awe and nod their heads at the impact you have left behind.

 If you're sick and tired of all the flashy guards and techniques that your opponents or teammates are throwing at you, or if you're an older grappler who is looking for a way to slow down those young bucks.  Or even if you are an experienced grappler and want to take a look at positions you may have tried to breeze through and learn from one of the most successful, legendary black belts in the history of jiu jitsu and competitive fighting in all arenas, Murilo Bustamante, you will want to check out his "Old School Crushing Pressure and Submissions" instructional available in both DVD and Downloadable formats on sale today!




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