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Will Yoga Help My Armbars?

Will Yoga Help My Armbars?


Here at BJJ Fanatics we've done a number of articles on the countless ways that yoga can benefit your health, lifestyle and your jiu jitsu practice.  Besides developing strength, coordination, flexibility, not to mention the positive aspects that it can have on your breathing and your overall sense of well-being, yoga can have legit impact on your ability to apply techniques.

Let's take a look at a few videos that show techniques that if practiced diligently will have huge impact on some of your most trusted techniques.

Yoga and my armbar

What in the world can yoga do to improve one of the first techniques we all learn, the armbar?  In the video below Sebastian Brosche demonstrates the highly effective reverse plank position.  In this position, you will support your bodyweight on your hands and arms as you drive your hips towards the ceiling attempting to keep them as high and steady as possible, while pointing your toes and driving your feet to the floor.  The first few times you try this technique, you will most likely only last a few seconds before you find your butt falling down to the floor, but over time, you should work to increase the length of time that you hold the position.  In a matter of only a few weeks, with practice, you can have yourself holding a reverse plank for upwards of a few minutes.  

The position builds arm, shoulder and back strength, in addition to strengthening the powerful hip muscles, all of which are crucial for the armbar finish.  Arching your hips and pulling with your back and arm muscles while you drive your core into the opponent's elbow will have them scream tapping before you know it.

For another look at the practical impact of yoga on your health and BJJ, check out this article at BJJ Fanatics on the topic here.

 These hips don't lie

The hips are one of the largest muscle complexes in the human body.  The hips of the opponent are something you must always be cognizant of and your own hips can save you from many of the most harrowing dominant positions you can find yourself stuck in.  

In the video below, Sebastian demonstrates a short hip flow sequence that will help loosen the tightest of hips and help increase the range of motion that you have in your hips.  By improving the range that your hips can move, you will improve your open guard and be able to recover and retain the guard easier.

The study of yoga is unique in that when sit down and to write out the pros and cons of why you might start a new activity, there is always something that ends up in the con category.  Other than the minor time commitment that must be invested to reap the proper benefits, there are virtually zero cons to the practice of yoga, especially when you consider the other positive benefits that this time investment will yield.

 If you're ready to enjoy the practical health benefits of incorporating yoga into your training routine and to also experience the direct impact that the study can have on your BJJ positions, check out the Yoga for BJJ DVD created by jiu jitsu black belt and yoga master Sebastian Brosche on sale here at BJJ Fanatics!




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