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2 Minutes To Destroy The Turtle

2 Minutes To Destroy The Turtle


No this isn’t some sort of anti-turtle PSA. We love animals. However in Jiu-Jitsu an opponent with a strong turtle defense becomes very frustrating to score on. It can be used to thwart passes, sweep, and even submit! Looking at you Eduardo Telles! Satoshi Ishii is here to share some Japanese Judo Secrets with us and show you how to destroy The Turtle. Check out the video Below.


Dedicate a little over two minutes to learn an effective attack to utilize when your opponent “Turtles” up. It is interesting to see this from a Judo perspective because although they encounter the turtle position it is usually in defense of being thrown. Judo player will often times transition from the throw attempt and immediately and sometimes ferociously attack the Turtle position.

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An emerging theme with any technique breakdown is to pay attention to how grips are established. Whoever is dominating the grip battles will more than likely end up the victor. Satoshi obtained a collar grip with the thumb on the inside of the lapel. The grip needs to be able to shut off both sides of blood flow so be sure to not be too deep into the collar. Also it’s important to not be too shallow either. Experiment and figure out the best grip for your arm length. While on the subject of grips, Satoshi’s other arm threads inside of Bernardo’s arm to obtain a strong wrist grip.

Although grip placement is essential in success of the Clock Choke, the hips are what generate the finishing power needed for that submission. Where many strangles require immobilizing your opponent to finish them, the clock choke is more about your movement. Many times when a clock choke is put on you will see the turtled up opponent circling with the choke to help alleviate the pressure. However what happens is they will soon pass out due to lack of blood flow.

The threat of a granby roll from the turtle is always present. Securing the opponent’s wrist can be a risky endeavor. However if you notice in the video Satoshi immediately gets his nearside hip over Bernardo’s shoulder. A granby roll is less likely to be successful if you move away from the opponent’s hips. If you are parallel with the person in turtle and you reach in to grab the wrist you run the risk of being rolled over. If the person tries to granby while a clock choke is being applied they will be rolling into the choking hand. Yikes.


Satoshi Ishii has continued his storied grappling career by competing at the highest levels, and sharing his knowledge with the masses. If you want to learn Japanese Judo Secrets then you are in the right place!!



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