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X-Guard Pass with Ricky Lundell

X-Guard Pass with Ricky Lundell


Great Pass To Get Out Of  A Tough Position...

The x-guard offers an incredible amount of control to those that wish to use it. Being underneath, someone makes balance difficult enough, and with the addition of the x-guard hooks in place, it can be very challenging to unravel. The best x-guard players don’t hesitate. Upon achieving the position, they immediately look to dominate the position by off balancing their opponents and beginning to hunt for the reversal.

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Defending the x-guard can be a real nightmare when someone is well versed in the mechanics of the position, but here are ways to deconstruct the position and get free. In this video Ricky Lundell gives us an x-guard pass that’s quite user friendly. This video has been around for several years, but this pass is still a solid choice when you’re looking to foil your partner’s plans of reversing you from the x-guard. Out of all the passes I’ve been exposed to over the years, this one is still my favorite. Have a look!

Lundell begins in his partner’s x-guard. Most often the bottom player will be looking to cup the leg above the knee, which provides a lot of control. But it also leaves a gap that our foot can travel through, which is the basis for this particular pass.

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Lundell begins to crouch down a bit and transfers his weight mostly to his back leg. This allows him the freedom to straighten his front leg, and kick it free to the other side of his partners body. He then immediately makes a wedge in his partner’s armpit, secures his partners bottom arm, and slides through, completing the pass and turning into his partner.

This is a great place to start when beginning to learn how to deal with the x-guard. Of course, the scenarios can become more complicated and intricate, but this is a tried and true method of passing one of BJJ’s most controlling guards!

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