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The Japanese Necktie with Lachlan Giles

The Japanese Necktie with Lachlan Giles


The various necktie submissions have a bit of mystique to them. Maybe it’s the names, or perhaps how brutal they are. I remember being submitted in competition with a Japanese necktie, and feeling that if I didn’t tap, my neck was literally going to break. After holding out for as long as I could, I was forced to give up the tap.

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At the time, I had not seen this technique before and was now compelled to look into how the necktie submissions are used. After gaining some knowledge, I became more aware of the dangers of these techniques and also began to try them once in a while. I’m a huge fan of the Darce choke, and the Japanese necktie is a close cousin, especially when you your arms are not long enough to secure a traditional Darce.

In this video Lachlan Giles demonstrates a variation of the Japanese necktie. He shows us the connection to the guillotine and the Darce and how we can use it as option in combination. Take a look!

Giles begins in a half guard underhook scenario. He starts by blocking his partner’s hip so that he can’t achieve an incredibly deep underhook. With the under-hook shallow, Giles has an opportunity to wrap the head in the style of a guillotine, and drive his partner down to his side. Giles decides it’s a good time to go for the necktie option when his partner is doing a good job of defending the guillotine choking arm. Giles then threads his top arm through in the style of a Darce, but his arms don’t have the length here to connect for a traditional Darce choke.

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Keeping the head tight to his body, Giles locks an s-style grip and then does a small roll to the other side of his partners head. He places his belly on the back of his partners head and uses his hook to pull his hips downward, further tightening the submission, and with a bit more squeeze he forces the tap.


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