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2 Of The Best Spider Guard Techniques

2 Of The Best Spider Guard Techniques


2 Excellent Spider Guard Techniques

Often when BJJ practitioners think about the most effective guards they think about the widely used Spider Guard. There is a reason for this. It is considered one of the all time best guards for defending against an opponent. The spider guard is actually a variation of open guard; making is great for controlling the limbs and controlling posture, leading to many sweeps and submissions. Take JT Torres and Leandro Lo as two high level martial artists who have a very effective spider guard. When top level competitors use spider guard they end up winning more matches.

For jiu jitsu practitioners with less experience, an unfamiliar guard can be a difficult thing to comprehend. But when you break it down into fundamental techniques even a novice can understand the spider guard. With all of that said, let us take a look at two very important techniques for spider guard.

Spider Guard Technique #1: Kneeling Opponent Scissor Sweep

Romulo Barral is a four time black belt world champion and ADCC champion who is also known for his mastery of the spider guard. Check out the video below to see him demonstrate how he uses spider guard scissor sweep to submit an opponent using a triangle.

If you have been around the BJJ game for a while you will know that not all opponents stand in your spider guard, which is okay, because there are still options for you.


Some opponents will attempt to play at a lower position in order to pressure pass a tight guard. But the fundamental scissor sweep can be used here very effectively. The scissor sweep works as well in spider guard as it does full guard. To get the position correct you will need to get your foot up inside your opponent’s upper arm and bicep while maintaining sleeve control. You will shoot past the hip with your other foot, and using the foot controlling the bicep of your opponent to scissor his legs. When done correctly, you will end up in mount.

Spider Guard Technique #2: Basic Spider Guard Sweep by Marcos "Yemaso" Torregrosa

This is Marcos "Yemaso" Torregrosa teaching a basic spider guard sweep.  This sweep was the first attack taught in a spider guard series during a seminar he was having at Roy Dean's academy in Bend, Oregon. Check out the video below.

The spider guard is considered one of the toughest guards to pass and one of the easiest guards to sweep from when done effectively. You should understand the spider guard if you intend to compete in a gi competition. It is a great technique to have in your bag of tricks, even if it is not your primary guard. It is also important to learn this guard so that you have techniques to defend against it.

Romulo Barral is obviously one of the best spider guard BJJ players in the world. Romulo Barral's spider guard basically doesn't ever get passed, and he sweeps every one from the spider guard.  As one of the top BJJ competitors in the world he won 4 IBJJF world titles and countless other competitions  He is one of the greatest competitors to ever step onto a mat.  His signature position, the Spider Guard is an absolute nightmare for the guy on top.  His foot placement, on the biceps, chest, other arm is crazy complex to solve and to throw his opponent off even more, he mixes in a side dish of lasso guards... and it just goes from there.

Get the Romulo Barral Secrents of the Guard to develop one of the toughest guards to be passed on the mats and in competition.



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