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2 Sweeps From The Dog Fight Position For BJJ

2 Sweeps From The Dog Fight Position For BJJ


This Common Position For Half Guard Players Can Be A Frustrating Position To Get Caught Up In, But These 2 Sweeps Will Completely Change Your Game

If you play a lot of half guard you will probably be familiar with the dog fight position. It is a common position that you can end up in from many different positions, including defending a single leg. You will often see this position in wrestling and it is also very common in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well. The dog fight position can be used with a high level of efficiency to sweep your opponent. The dog fight positioned is named as such due to the positioning of your legs. It is a common position to get into from half guard because it utilizes the under hook you often go for, allowing you to get up to your knees while controlling your opponent from the side of his body. As counterintuitive as it sounds, this is the best spot to control your opponent from. So with that in mind, let us explore 2 sweeps you can hit from the dog fight position for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

The Weird Techniques World Champion Lucas Leite Uses So Well That He Intentionally Chooses Opponents 30-40 Lbs Heavier.


Rollover Sweep From Dog Fight by Bernardo Faria

Bernardo Faria has long been one of the most dominant fighters in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Bernardo is infamous for implementing simplicity into every aspect of his Jiu Jitsu. Bernardo is a multiple time Black Belt World Champion and has even won the most prestigious title in all of Jiu Jitsu, that being, the Open Class World Title at Black Belt. Commonly known for his trademark over under passing position, his deep half guard and his single leg half guard, Bernardo has always used these techniques, although his opponent’s know his game, very few have ever been able to stop him from implementing his will. The rollover sweep from dog fight is a no gi sweep that starts from half guard that Bernardo has innovated on himself from years of top competitive experience. Watch the video below of Bernardo Faria demonstrating the roll over sweep and then we will break down the technique below. Check it out now!

Bernardo starts off this demonstration half guard with the knee shield. In this example Bernardo shoots in for a single leg sweep, setting his under hook very shallow. From here Bernardo lies down and opens up the tricep of his train partner, controlling the arm at the elbow. He also opens up his shoulder at the same time. Once he does this, Faria uses his right leg to trap his opponent’s leg. He extends the leg out and away from his training partner’s body which starts to stretch his whole body out. You will notice at this point Bernardo’s training partner has the whizzer set. Bernardo comes up into his knees. This is the dog fight position. Bernardo has his leg trapped and can use his arm around the back to control his opponent’s posture. Believe it or not Bernardo still has a great amount of control in this position, though it is not one you would want to hang out in for long. Now that Bernardo is in his dog fight position he has a couple of options. The first thing Bernardo will try is to reach across and grab his opponent’s knee. But in this case his opponent widens his base, putting the leg out of Faria’s reach. This now opens up the option for Bernardo to feed his arm through his opponent’s base and forward roll. He rolls all the way through to sweep his opponent, landing on the opposite side, landing with the under hook.

Half Guard Sweep: Roll Variation From Dogfight by Lucas Leite

Lucas Leite is high level Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt competitor. Lucas is a black belt under Leonardo Vieira. Lucas is famous for his half guard skills. He currently represents the Checkmat BJJ Academy, one of the most successful teams among the juggernauts of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Lucas has been a regular presence in BJJ and submission grappling podiums around the world. This half guard sweep is a great sweep to utilize when someone postures up strong during a half guard sweep.  Watch the video below and then we will break down Lucas Leite’s technique. Check it out now!

The first thing Lucas demonstrates is how to get into the dog fight position. Typically in bottom half guard you will be controlling both of your opponent’s arms with your grips, which will also help you avoid punches in a self defense situation. Lucas crosses his legs over his training partner’s calf before shooting in to get the under hook. Once he has an under hook to control his opponent’s back he uses his leg to hook his training partner’s leg and pull it out and away from his body, weakening his base. This allows Lucas to come up to the dog fight position. Lucas emphasizes that he can’t take his opponent’s back because he still has the whizzer to protect himself.

Once Lucas has come up into the dog fight position he feeds his hand through, gripping at his opponent’s opposite knee and rolling forward over his shoulder. This is a great method because your training partner will often times be able to resist your pressure from any angle. The roll forward uses your momentum to sweep your opponent at the same time you dismantle his base. Once you roll it is very important that you continue to keep hooking your training partner’s leg. This will allow you to completely roll through, ending up with side control on your opponent.

When it comes to half guard, and specifically the dog fight position, both Bernardo Faria and Lucas Leite are experts. If you liked these techniques and want to learn more then check out Lucas Leite’s instructional series called The Coyote Half Guard, available exclusively on Here is what 5 Time World Champion Bernardo Faria has to say about Lucas, "Lucas is one of the best in the world at half guard! While his system is a little different than mine, I'm a huge fan of his - I've seen Lucas sweep some of the best guys in the world who were much bigger than him."

How To Sweep Bigger Guys With The Half Guard That Actually Works Better Against Heavier Opponents.

Lucas has developed a half guard that is so powerful that it works against anyone.  Once he gets his grips and gets into position he is unstoppable.  It doesn’t matter how big or strong a guy is, he is going to sweep them.



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