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2016 IBJJF No Gi Worlds Results!



This past weekend, some of the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighters in the world descended upon California to compete at the 2016 No Gi Worlds. There were exciting and dominant performances. There were some surprises and history was made as well. While there were some tough divisions and game competitors, there were some matches that simply stole the show. Here are some results from that star studded tournament…

First, the lightweight division! What a packed division that the lightweights were in this year. AJ Agazarm, Marcio Andre, Enrico Cocco, Gianni Grippo, Rodrio Freitas and Augusto Mendes were just a few of the killers that inhabited the lightweight bracket this year. Surprisingly (or not) Marcio Andre was the one who was assert his game in rather easy fashion. Andre defeated Agazarm by advantages and Rodrigo Freitas by advantages as well. Big congrats to the Nova Uniao black belt for his championship!

The big upset this year was in the medium heavyweight division, where Atos black belt, Josh Hinger took home the gold in a completely flawless performance. Hinger defeated the highly touted Matheus Diniz by 4 points to 0 in the semi finals. Then in the finals, Hinger met Charles Negromonte and won by 11 points to 0. While Hinger was never doubted to do well at this year’s worlds, his wins over Diniz and Negromonte were is such dominant fashion, that it did shock many who tuned in to watch this year’s tournament. It will be interesting in seeing what Josh Hinger does next.

In the super heavyweight class, Luiz Panza proved once again why he is part of the world’s elite in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Known mostly for his career in the bigger gi tournaments, Panza won his semi final match against Paul Ardilla-Ibarra by a solid armbar. In the finals, Luiz Panza took on Jared Dopp. Dopp, a Lovato black belt would not be able to stop the leg attack master as Panza took him out with a beautiful calf slicer to take home the championship gold.

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The real big story of this year’s No Gi Worlds, was the continued winning ways of Yuri Simoes. The black belt, under Caio Terra’s BJJ association took home two championships this year at the Worlds! He first took home gold in the ultra heavyweight class. He won both his semi final and final match by points in dominant fashion. He then competed in the absolute division, where he beat Augusto “Tanquinho” Mendes and Murilo Santana. Yuri Simoes keeps proving why he should be one of the most feared competitors in all of BJJ.

The 2016 No Gi Worlds was a huge success. If you missed it, go to where you can rewatch the event. Check it out if you love to see high level BJJ action!


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