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2016 IBJJF World’s Recap



One week ago, the jiu jitsu community was treated to the 2016 world championship in which some new champions were crowned, some old champions came back.  It was a remarkable event that showcased the very best that jiu jitsu has to offer…

In the men’s divisions:

Bruno Malfacine brought home his sixth IBJJF World title in the roosterweight division, beating Caio Terra.

Paulo Miyao, one of the infamous Miyao twins, won his second world title in the light featherweight division, beating Ary Farias.

Rafa Mendes also won his sixth world title in the featherweight division beating Marcio Andre.

Lucas Lepri took the lightweight division, winning the finals with a stunning bow and arrow choke, and secured his fourth world title.

Otavio Sousa won the middle weight gold, closing out the final with his teammate Gabriel Arges.

Leandro Lo took the medium heavy division by beating Romulo Barral in Romulo’s retirement match.  This was an emotional moment for the jiu jitsu community as Barral has been an integral part of the competition scene.

In the heavyweight division Andre Galvao secured his fourth black belt world championship.

In the superheavyweight division, Alliance’s Leo Nogueira won his third gold medal at worlds as a black belt.

In the ultraheavyweight division as well as the men’s absolute Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida made a triumphant return to competition jiu jitsu, winning yet another double gold and winning his division’s semifinals and finals with arm bars.

The women’s divisions were equally stacked:

In the women’s roosterweight division Japanese sensation Rikako Yuasa won her finals match with a bow and arrow choke.

In the light feather division Gezary Matuda secured the win via choke in the closing seconds of the match, a crowd pleasing and impressive feat.

In the featherweight division women’s BJJ superstar Mackenzie Dern won her finals match against Michelle Nicolini by choke, this was Nicolini’s last world’s tournament, she has been a driving force in women’s BJJ.

Lightweight phenom Beatriz “Bia” Mesquita won her finals match 7-0.

In the middleweight division Monique Elias got the gold.

In the medium heavy division Andresa Correa defeated TLI’s Sijara Eubanks 10-0, always impressive to see a large margin.

By far the most impressive finals point spread was held by Dominyka Obelenyte, Marcelo Garcia’s first female black belt, and youngest person to take double gold at IBJJF worlds, now twice in a row.  Obelenyte won her super heavyweight division 33-0, and then took the absolute title against a game opponent in Bia Mesquita.

The IBJJF World Championship is always a chance to see the who’s who in gi competition jiu jitsu perform at their highest level.  Check out this video of Buchecha’s successful finals match in the absolute division


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