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Betting Odds: 2020 IBJJF European Championship Black Belts

Betting Odds: 2020 IBJJF European Championship Black Belts


The IBJJF European Championship is the first major event of the gi season and sets the pace for the first half of the year. Those who can take home some hardware from Lisbon are sure to be on everyone's radar right up until the world championship in June.

We combed through the divisions and gave winning odds to each of the top athletes in each. Of course, these odds don't mean anything, but they are a fun way to analyze and predict the podiums at this year's European Championship.

The thing we're more excited about is the fact that many of the favorites in each division are BJJ Fanatics! Some of the very top names in the sport have worked with us and we are proud to watch them put their beautiful jiu-jitsu technique to the test.

Good luck to all of the competitors this week in Europe and be sure to catch all the action on! The black belts go live on Sat Jan 25 and Sun Jan 26!

2020 IBJJF European Championship Betting Odds


1. Bruno Malfacine -600

2. Thalison Soares +300

3. Cleber Sousa +900


1. Michael Musumeci -800

2. Diego Oliveira +900

3. Hiago George +900


1. Isaac Doederlein +400

2. Gianni Grippo -200

3. Leo Saggioro +250

4. Alessandro Sodre +600


1. Jonnatas Gracie -150

2. Vitor Oliveira +300

3. Italo Moura +300


1. Tommy Langaker -125

2. Ronaldo Junior +125

3. Mathias Luna +900


1. Rudson Matheus +600

2. Manuel Ribamar +200

3. Espen Mathiesen -125


1. Adam Wardzinski +300

2. Keenan Cornelius -150

3. Jackson Sousa +250

4. Dimitrus Soares +900

Super Heavyweight

1. Fellipe Andre -225

2. Patrick Gaudio +200

3. Fellipe Trovo +900

Ultra Heavyweight

1. Mahamed Aly -1200

2. Tanner Rice +1900

3. Igor Schneider +1900

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