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3 Escapes From Tom DeBlass

3 Escapes From Tom DeBlass


You probably already know just how important it is to know how to escape from difficult positions. Most of the time when we train, we not only learn a submission but we learn to escape from it. Attacking and defending submissions go hand in hand. There are different methodologies for escaping a submission depending on what part of your body is being attacked. For example, if the lower part of your body is being attacked you are looking to free your legs or work to a position that makes a lock ineffective. There is a lot that goes into escaping, no matter what part of your body is being attacked.

Dominate the mat like Bernardo Faria and Tom Deblass


When it comes to escapes, Tom DeBlass is a wizard. I am sure you have heard of Tom DeBlass before. His latest appearance was at Kasai Pro Super Series in Dallas, Texas in the United States. Bruno Bastos defeated Tom DeBlass in points, 3 to 1, but it was an excellent match from both competitors, lasting a full 10 minute submission only round, followed by a 5 minute point round. DeBlass is one of the most sought after instructor in the world right now. He has a large fan base, and his no nonsense style of humor and approach to jiu jitsu keeps people hungry for more.

Tom DeBlass has released an entire series specifically on submission escapes. “Submission Escapes By Tom DeBlass” is a great instructional series that is available exclusively here on! You definitely want to check this out; it is some world class advice. Let’s take a look at a few of the escapes Tom shares with us in this series!

#1: Body Triangle Escape

This is a great escape for when your opponent has your back. If you have been training BJJ for any time at all, you will probably have had your back taken before. It can be a difficult position to escape from, especially when your opponent starts to lock up the body triangle. In this video, Tom shows a great way to escape from the body triangle when your opponent has your back. Check out the video below!

This is a difficult position to get caught in. You need to attack where the triangle is locked. You want to break the lock the same way you would break an opponent’s grip in a wrestling situation. Escape your hips as you turn toward your partner while defending the choke at the same time. Keep the contact on the arm your opponent is trying to choke you with. Turn towards the body triangle and pull backwards, posting with your hand. This will unlock the body triangle and free you from your opponent’s grip. Pretty simple, yet effective stuff!

#2: Knee Bar Escape

When it comes to leg locks, the knee bar is deadly. Nobody understands this better than Tom DeBlass. As a member of the Danaher Death Squad, DeBlass is one of the few who have completely revolutionized the sport with leg lock submissions. Nowadays, leg locks are incredibly wide spread, so it is in your best interest to learn to escape from them!

Knee bars can be thought of like a traditional arm bar. In a traditional arm bar, you use the arm as your lever to apply force to the wrist, which puts tension your training partner’s elbow. The knee bar principles are the same, just with your lower body. Instead of the arm as a lever you use the leg and apply force to the heel which puts tremendous strain on the knee. Let’s check out this highly effective knee bar from Tom DeBlass!

In this escape, it is very important to remember that you want to clear your knee as fast as humanly possible. If your leg is already trapped you should get your free foot behind your training partner’s top knee. Now you can push the leg forward, making it much more difficult for your training partner to extend your leg. While you are doing this pull your trapped leg out. Your opponent can no longer finish the knee bar from this position. Remember placing your foot behind the knee gives you better leverage than placing it on your opponent’s butt, especially if you are not that flexible. This technique will work even if you are a bigger guy.

#3: Kimura Escape From Closed Guard

The kimura from closed is a pretty common submission attempt. Sometimes you just do not see it coming, and before you know it, it is too late and your arm is already being twisted behind your back. It is common for beginner BJJ players to get freaked out and scramble to escape with no success. But you will be able to stay calm knowing you can escape after you check out this great instruction from Tom DeBlass. Check it out now!

The main concern when you get hit with a kimura from closed guard is to keep your arm close to your body. From here you want to post with the leg that is on the same side you are being attacked on. Now you can grab the inside of your own thigh which will buy you some time. Once you are ready to go, you need to drive your opponent’s arm above his head. Tom does this by cutting an angle and driving his shoulder into the kimura. Once his opponent lets go of his grip Tom escapes into guard.

As you can probably tell, Tom has an ability to break down a technique into fundamental principles in a manner anyone can understand from white belt to black belt. You will certainly be able to refine your game with Tom DeBlass’ instructions, just like the thousands of others around the world who already have. So what are you waiting for? Get on the mats and test these escapes for yourself, I am sure you will be amazed at how much they boost your performance. And when you are done, when not check out the rest of Tom’s Submission Escapes instructional series? It will elevate your game to a whole new level!

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