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3 Guard Passes For BJJ From Gutemberg Pereira

3 Guard Passes For BJJ From Gutemberg Pereira


Learn Guard Passing From Purple Belt and Brown Belt World Champion Gutemberg Pereira!

Gutemberg Pereira is a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt under Master Júlio César Pereira. Gutemberg is known as one of best grapplers in the world today. He has conquered numerous titles in the sport’s lower belt divisions while displaying an eye pleasing and submission oriented jiu jitsu style with which he gathered the interest of both the media and fans.

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Gutemberg has had great success as a purple belt and brown belt world champion. He also made it to the finals of the Adult black belt pan ams. You might be wondering how he accomplished so much. Well at lot of Gutemberg’s success has to do with his guard passing game. Gutemberg Pereira is well known for his unique style of guard passing. Pereira has a great instructional series called “Smart Smashing” available exclusively on In it, he shares some of his most “guarded” secrets on using pressure and body weight to pass his opponents’ guards. Let’s explore some of Gutemberg’s unique guard passing style. Here are 3 guard passes for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from Gutemberg Pereira.

#1: Leg Weave Control by Gutemberg Pereira

The idea behind the leg weave is to control your opponent in a position where he can usually easily pass. Lean forward and use pressure to keep your training partner from being able to post or slide his legs out. Use a collar grip and an under hook to pressure forward. Now your opponent has no advantage. This is a terrible spot for him to be. You are trapping his arm and putting all of your weight over his body and squeezing him. Your training partner will feel a lot of pressure on his shoulder. Now you can dump him and work your pass. If he puts his elbow on his mat simply hug his hips, lift and lock. You will base with your head and a tripod stance allowing you to lift up and walk forward.

#2: Leg Weave Jumping Pass by Gutemberg Pereira

This is a great pass to get to your opponent’s back side. When your opponent tries to butter fly hook you with his leg the first thing you want to do is switch your hand from the gi collar to the pants, pinning the leg to the ground. Now you want to lean forward, making a triangle with your feet. Now all of your pressure it on your head and on your pant grip. From here it is a simple move. You do not need to take a huge jump to clear your opponent’s legs. If the hook is really tight and remains stuck when you jump then you may need to do a more aggressive jump.

#3: Knee Slice For Big Guys by Gutemberg Pereira

When you are standing in your opponent’s De La Riva guard (or any open guard) you can use the knee cut to pass the guard. Typically the guy on bottom will go into a reverse De La Riva or half guard to try and trap your leg. The first thing Gutemberg does to counter this is grab the collar behind his opponent’s neck and cross face him in the direction he wants to walk. He switches his grip and controls his training partner’s inside arm. By bringing your opponent all the way to the other side you can set your under hook while c gripping the knee and stepping out. Now Gutemberg puts his head down on the mat, looks to the side and posts with his hand for support. He keeps pushing on his opponent’s face with his head and sprawls with his leg. Gutemberg ends the pass in side control.

As you can probably tell, these are some very high level passes. What I like that most about these passes is that they really are not that difficult. Gutemberg knows how to use precise pressure to pin his opponent and easily move around difficult guards. If you struggle with guard passing, especially against bigger and tougher opponents, then I recommend you check out Gutembergs’ “Smart Smashing” guard passing instructional series. It is full of techniques like leg weaves, jump passing, lapel passing, and more! So be sure to check it out.

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