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3 Leg Locks Every Black Belt Should Know with Luiza Monteiro

3 Leg Locks Every Black Belt Should Know with Luiza Monteiro


When we think of leg locks, we always tend to attribute them to more to a no gi setting.

However, there is an entire world of leg lock possibilities that translate over to the gi as well. The top-level players of gi jiu-jitsu continue to evolve the leg lock as it pertains to the gi and particular rule sets, and as a result some very creative material has been surfacing.

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Without the luxury of the reap, and some limitations on the twisting style leg attacks, leg locks must be adapted to follow the proper rule sets in the gi, and this makes things interesting. With the addition of grips, and the use of the gi as a tool, we’re beginning to see some very creative lower body attacks popping out amongst the top tier competitors. One of those competitors is Luiza Monteiro. IN this video she demonstrates three different leg locks in the gi. This is a fun watch with great details. Monteiro’s approach is creative, innovative, and is sure to pique your interest. Have a look!

The first begins in the De La Riva guard. A common answer to the DLR guard is a leg drag. Done properly it can quickly dismantle the guard and put the bottom player in an unfavorable position. I feel the first step in this particular technique is absolute gold. As the top player begins to leg drag, Monteiro switches her feet, bringing the DLR hook to the inside. Brilliant. This gives Monteiro the ability to under hook the near leg, lift her hips, and use her top leg to push against her partner’s backside. This causes the top partner to fall forward.

As the top player falls to the ground, Monteiro is immediately in position to knee bar. She quickly hides her top foot, joining it with the bottom one, and switches her head to the top side of the leg that’s under attack. Positioning her head topside will help to prevent escape. With her top hand cupping the heel, and hug of the leg, Monteiro is able to thrust her hips into the leg, and force the finish. Very nice!

For this next technique Monteiro sets up her guard with control of the pants on the left side and control of the sleeve on her right side, keeping her hips as close as possible to the grip she’s acquired on the pants. She then connects her right foot to the bicep, and places her left foot on the floor, stretching the arm and stomping down at the same time. This causes her partner to come forward, putting their weight in to the hands. From here, Monteiro places her left foot inside her partners near thigh, and drops her right foot to the far knee, scooping it with her instep. Monteiro then releases the near hook and positions it just above her partners foot on the front side. She’s uses the configuration of her feet to elevate the leg and drop her partner into a calf slice position.

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From here she gives us two options. With the far leg trapped she can easily attack a toe hold on the near leg by simply creating a bend in the knee with her elbow. This puts the foot in perfect position to attack a toe hold, and finish the exchange. If the toe hold isn’t producing any results, she can opt to control her partners belt, and begin to build herself up with her free arm. Once she gets up to her hand, she uses the call slice entanglement to pull her partners leg from underneath him and collapse his base. With a hug on the waist and a lean forward, Monteiro forces the submission.

The last submission in the series is more of a counter, and it is a good one. More specifically a counter to an omoplata attempt. As the top partner begins to work toward the omoplata, Monteiro wraps the leg, takes a step forward and falls to the mat, landing in a knee bar set up position. She’s quick to pass her leg through and hide it, joining it with her other leg. With a pinch of the knees and a thrust of the hips, Monteiro applies the pressure necessary to force the tap.

So, there you have it. Three great leg locks in the gi! Thank you Luiza Monteiro!

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