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3 Powerful Kimura Attacks You Need To Know

3 Powerful Kimura Attacks You Need To Know


The Kimura is arguably one of the most powerful submissions and controls in all of grappling based martial arts, and is one of the most essentials grips in all of Jiu-Jitsu. The Kimura name in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu actually comes from the legendary match between Helio Gracie and Masahiko Kimura. Kimura won that match, and years later, the Kimura spanked the Gracies again with the legendary Kazushi "The Gracie Hunter" Sakuraba kicking ass and breaking arms with the kimura. In catch wrestling it has been referred to as "the double wrist lock" for over 100 years and in Judo it is the "gyaku ude-garami."

The kimura not only is a shoulder lock submission, but is widely used as a an attacking "staging point" to either submit via kimura, straight arm lock, sweep (closed guard, butterfly guard, half guard, etc), and escape... basically everything. In fact you could probably based your WHOLE game on getting the kimura grip.

You will also find the kimura not just applicable to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, but it also widely used in MMA, self-defense or combatives. One of the first joint locks polices officers and military are taught is the kimura due to it's versatility and the power it has over your opponent.

Today, we've combined 3 of our favorite Kimura videos from some of our top grapplers at BJJ Fanatics including a LEGEND in the world of MMA.

Did you know that establishing a kimura grip is one of the best ways to escape out of bad positions?


Kimura Technique #1: The Gracie Hunter Sakuraba - Standing Kimura Attack!

What a great way to showcase the kimura by starting with the the MMA and Submission Wrestling legend himself Kazushi Sakuraba. Sakuraba has had more success with the Kimura than almost ANY FIGHTER in history. If you want to learn extremely unique details with this devastating submission check out his series "Kimura Hunting."

Kimura Technique #2: The POWER Kimura By Neil Melanson

This bad ass mother fucker Neil Melason's (Blackzillians MMA Coach) has some serious kimura attacks skills. A Sambo and Catch Wrestler guy who learned the bottom game - just a bit differently and quickly became one of the most sought after coaches for No Rules, Hardcore, Submission Grappling and MMA. The Kimura is one of Neil's specialties and is ready to share with you his POWER Kimura. It's one of the BJJ techniques that make you slap your head and say "how come I never tried it like that before"?

Kimura Technique #3: Counter the Kimura Attack With a Kimura Of Your Own

By now you've realize that the kimura is a "deadly weapon" in Jiu-Jitsu - or in all grappling arts. So eventually someone is going to put YOU in a kimura. I know, it's tragic.... but someday, probably this week, someone will catch you in a kimura. What to do about this??? Well slap a kimura on his ass and finish him!

The Kimura Master himself Mau Mau will show you how.


How can we talk about kimuras and even showcase Kazushi "The Gracie Hunter" Sakuraba without even showing the infamous match between Sakuraba and Renzo Gracie.

And here is his complete destruction of the Gracies, showing off the power of the kimura attack.


Neil Melanson is the modern king of catch wrestling and submission grappling. He's arguably one of the best submission grappling coaches for MMA in the world - he's actually the head coach of the Blackzillians MMA Program and former coach at Xtreme Couture in Vega. He's taught some of the best fighters and submission grapplers in the world his system of blending catch wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo and Sambo together to create a devastating submission oriented game.

The Kimura or Double Wrist Lock in Catch Wrestling is used as a savage lock. BJJ is just scratching the surface of what you can do with the kimura, and Neil Melanson knows all the secrets.

Learn the unorthodox secrets of the most notorious grappling coach out there and gain an entirely new perspective on the Kimura to catch all of your training partners and competition.




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