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3 Steps To Hit The Pendulum Sweep Every Time

3 Steps To Hit The Pendulum Sweep Every Time


3 Simple Steps To Nail A Pendulum Arm Bar From Closed Guard

The closed guard is known for its versatility, especially when it comes down to nailing a submission. Did you know there are a variety of arm bars you can hit from bottom closed guard? It is true. The closed guard is often thought of as a standard defensive position in which you will not be focused on hitting submissions. Usually the way closed guard is taught is to break down your opponent’s posture and set yourself up for an opportunity to sweep and get into a more advantageous position. Today we are going to look at how you can nail a pendulum arm bar from closed guard. If you have never heard of the pendulum arm bar that is because it is lesser known. This makes it a great submission to surprise your opponent with. The more submissions you have in your BJJ tool kit, the better.

The closed guard is one of the most dominant guard posistions ever, yet 90% of grapplers barely know how to use it.


So let us explore 3 simple steps to do a pendulum arm bar from bottom closed guard position. Watch the video below and then we will discuss the technique. Check it out now!

Here are the three simple steps to nail a pendulum arm bar from closed guard.

Step 1: Grab your training partner’s lapel and free it from his belt. From here you want to under hook one of his legs. With his leg under hooked, pass the lapel to the arm that is doing the under hooking. It is very important to remember to pass the lapel over the shin. This is what gives you very tight control.

Step 2: Grab the back of your training partner’s gi and break down his posture. Once you have broken down his posture you can kick your leg using a pendulum type of motion to sweep him. This is where the name “pendulum arm bar” comes from. A common reaction here is to posture and grab the knee. If your opponent does not react then sweep him.

Step 3: Grab the back of your training partner’s tricep. From here you want to pull your training partner’s elbow to your hip and then you should kick out with your leg. Finally, you are ready to hit the arm bar. Throw your leg over your training partner’s shoulder and finish the arm bar. Remember to squeeze tight with your hips so that your opponent quickly taps to this brutal and super effective submission!

There you have it, a dead simple technique to nail a pendulum arm bar from closed guard. Let us face it, not many people are going to learn how to hit an arm bar this way. If you pull this one out you are going to look totally bad ass and surprise your opponent. So remember this technique the next time you are on the mats in a live roll in competition. It could just be the difference between a win and a loss! Now get out there and train!

Tom DeBlass is one of the most accomplished American Grapplers on the planet... and it known for his closed guard and half guard. He uses to closed guard to frustrate and trap stronger bigger opponents into tons of submission attempts and sweeps. Learn the closed guard secrets of one of the best grapplers and Frustrate and destroy all of your competition with simple and "slow down" concepts that Tom Deblass teaches to hold back even the most explosive and toughest grapplers on the planet.



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