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5 Tips for Your First Jiu-Jitsu Class with Bernardo Faria

5 Tips for Your First Jiu-Jitsu Class with Bernardo Faria


Your first day at a BJJ class can be a little nerve wracking. It’s understandable. Let’s face it. You’re about to walk into a room where everyone is learning how to fight, taking each other down, wrestling around on the ground, and attempting to make each other say uncle. But fear not, everyone is that room is also having the time of their life.

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If only you had some tips for your very first class to make you feel a little bit better about the experience.

Well, it just so happens that we have some of those tips for you, from one of the greatest ambassadors in BJJ. In this video Bernardo Faria shares 5 tips on how to approach your very fist BJJ class. Share this with your friends that might be a little apprehensive about making the leap, and getting on the training floor for the first time. Have a look!

  • Start with a Beginner Class

There is a good chance that the academy you have your eye on has multiple tiers of curriculum. You may see things such as “beginner” or “fundamentals” on the schedule, as well as “advanced” or “competition”. This is a good sign. Being that its your first experience with BJJ, pick a beginner class. This will be the most enjoyable class for you to start out in. You’ll learn fundamental themes and concepts of BJJ, and safety will be a focus. If you don’t see a class that’s just for beginners on the schedule, you may want to inquire about which class would be the best for someone with no experience.

  • Try Out the Intro Class

If the academy offers an intro class, take it. This can be a very comfortable way to integrate in to training. More than likely the intro will be a private one on one block of instruction where an experienced instructor explains how things work at the academy. You will also more than likely have a small intro lesson, where you learn some techniques and a little bit about some basic jiu-jitsu. Participating in this kind of intro can make your first day very enjoyable and give you a greater understanding of how things work at your new academy.

  • Find Out if You Need a Gi

The gi is more than likely a staple at your new BJJ academy. Find out if you need to have a gi for your first day. Many academies provide a starter gi for you to wear for your first class. This may be a system of borrowing, or the gi may be a complimentary item for trying class or signing up. Some academies have restrictions on color and what is displayed on the gi as well, so before you buy that awesome red gi on amazon, be sure to ask some questions about what is provided or not, and what is acceptable.

  • Don’t Be Nervous

Faria would like you to try and calm your nerves. Instructors should be aware of all of your concerns as a first day student. You should feel welcome and comfortable from the moment you enter an academy. If you don’t feel an atmosphere of kindness and helpfulness, you may be at the wrong place. Yes, we are learning to fight, but that doesn’t mean that there should be an absence of good every. If you’re not feeling the atmosphere, and there isn’t an overall feeling of civility, this could be a red flag. Remember, you deserve to have a great first day, see to it that this is the case. As Faria states, beginners are the most important part of the school, as they fuel the school’s growth and will go on to become the pillars of the academy.

  • Be Patient

Simple advice? Yes. But this may be one of the most important virtues to be observed in BJJ. Always try to remember to give yourself time to understand and grasp the concepts. BJJ will not attach its themes to you overnight. Like any great skill, it will take a great deal of time, dedication, and focus to become a proficient BJJ player. Trust your Professor, and the other instructors with helping you make your progression as efficient as possible. But trust the process and let things happen naturally. If you expect overnight results, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment. You will notice jumps in your improvement in larger intervals and you may not be as aware of your progress as your peers and instructors. Trust their assessments and keep working hard. Always remember, if you are showing up, you are improving!

These are five important things to keep in mind when you’re looking to make your first jiu-jitsu experience a good one. If you’re an experienced student, these are also good reminders on how to help beginner students feel comfortable and help them integrate. Be a part of the process! Your instructors and academy owner will be grateful!


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