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50/50 Magic with Craig Jones!

50/50 Magic with Craig Jones!


For years the 50/50 has been a rough spot in my game. I spent some time initially on how to exit the position and defend it, which served me for a while until I began to run in to more proficient leg attackers that knew how to keep me there and make me suffer. 

I always viewed the 50/50 as a bit of a race, which is definitely the wrong approach, but that’s how it felt. I would get there and it just seemed whoever knew just a tad bit more was going to win that race. To a degree this was true, but there’s always a way to get an edge.

With the rise of the leg lock game, the saddle or inside sankaku position became incredibly popular. It seemed that this was the new game over position where leg locks were concerned. The saddle certainly has its advantages and a plethora of attacks, but as its popularity grew, so did the methods of defense. The 50/50 waited in the shadows a bit, and with the help of BJJ titans like Craig Jones has begun a resurgence.

The 50/50 actually offers a ton of options where attacking and control is concerned. But the key to being successful in the position is keeping yourself safe long enough to mount these attacks. With each opposing party possessing the exact same controls and options, how do we give ourselves the advantage? How do we keep our own limbs safe so that we can focus on attacking and avoid the race that sometimes naturally comes along with the 50/50? 

Craig Jones has some ideas for you on this exact subject. You’re going to want to see this. Here, Jones transforms the 50/50 in to a one-sided affair that puts us in the driver’s seat and eliminates the feeling of the race to be successful in the 50/50. Check this out!


Jones begins in the 50/50 and begins to look for two grips. One with his thumb near the knee and the other at the toes. He begins to separate his partners legs and shrink his knee down in tot eh space between them. As the legs separate, Jones looks to transition his top leg to the other side of his partner’s body. This is a critical detail of the sequence as it immediately puts Jones in better position and provides him with more safety, and time to attack his partner. 

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He then secures the second leg and begins to travel to his knees, also transitioning his bottom foot to the opposite side of his partner’s hops. Here his legs are more than safe from attack, and his partner is in an incredibly constricting position. 

Jones’s partner will certainly cross the feet here to try and remain safe. As this occurs Jones once again turns his attention to the secondary leg as he begins to pry open the feet. As the legs separate, Jones enters his head in between them creating a wedge, and making the re crossing of the feet for defense nearly impossible. Jones can now begin to attack the heel unobstructed and work towards the finish. 

For a strong finish, Jones brings his hips to the sky, and bends the leg by putting weight in to the heel. You can see by the near explosion of his partner’s knee that this is an incredibly effective way to finish the submission. 

I’m in love with this technique. It sheds an entirely new light on the 50/50 position. Jones has taken everything from his partner here. There is just simply no good course of action when all the bases are covered. If you’ve been struggling with the 50/50, I hope this helps you view the position in a different light! Good luck!


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