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A King Is Born (Again) , ADCC  Re-Cap

A King Is Born (Again) , ADCC Re-Cap


Hello everyone! September is over, Billie Jo Armstrong is waking up, and the ADCC World Championships are a wrap! The solid packed event took place over the last weekend of September (the 28th and 29th) in Anaheim, California; matches were high energy and a treat for anyone viewing either in person or at home. Though there were a few unsportsmanlike occurrences, overall the tournament went smoothly and those in participation showed great examples of submission grappling.

The vast array of techniques and approaches to the sport were great to witness and weigh against one another, hopefully cementing even further the greatness of the game across the world to those that had any doubt. In the aftermath of the event, BJJ Fanatics website has thirty percent off items by the winners of our team, so here is a rundown of those matches for you just in case you missed it (or want to relive the excitement already!). 

77kg Division: 

Watching the matches in this division was a sight to behold without a doubt, with names on day two including JT Torres, Gary Tonon, Dante Leon and Vagner Rocha. The first semi-final round, Rocha against Leon, could really have ended in favor of either competitor but ultimately the win went to Rocha via judge’s decision. The next semi-final match was perhaps one of the hardest to watch of the entire tournament for a fanatic member. Gary Tonon vs JT Torres faced each other in a true exhibition of Jiu Jitsu prowess and skill, whether you were rooting for JT Torres to hold onto his current title of champion for a second year or vying for someone to unseat him, the skill and technique that were executed left nobody disappointed.

In the end, Torres was able to use his pressure and movement to secure mount, thus giving him the necessary points for the win and move on to the finals. In the match fighting for bronze Gary Tonon met Dante Leon in a great flowing exchange, but eventually used his submission knowledge to secure the third place position. In the championship round a familiar match up of Torres vs Rocha took place, which was reminiscent of a previous match in the Fight to Win tournament that ended with the same result. Initially the two fought in a more rough and tumble Rocha style, until minute 3 when Torres glued himself on Rocha’s back until he submitted. 

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88kg Division: 

Akin to the 77kg group, those in the 88kg bracket were well represented in the end of the tournament with faces such as Craig Jones, Matheus Diniz, Josh Hinger and Jon Blank. During the semi finals, Diniz was only able to submit Hinger in the very last seconds of regular time and avoided overtime. Fighting for bronze was Hinger and Blank, in which Hinger showed his guillotine skill to submit Blank. In the finals Craig Jones met fellow fanatic Matheus Diniz in another conflicting match. This time Diniz was not so lucky in avoiding overtime, but it was to his benefit; in regular time we saw Jones on offense for the most part and it was only Diniz’ ability to fend him off and last until overtime that gave him the chance to score points in his favor and come out champion. 


99kg Division 

The King’s court was made up of Lucas Barboza, Vinicius Gazola, Vinny Magalhaes and Gordon Ryan himself. Barboza went up against Ryan in the semi finals, showing a great effort and body awareness but ultimately had his back taken and Gordon used those three points to take him into the final round. The other semi round was made of Vinicius Gazola and Vinny Magalhaes in which Vinny came out the winner. Unfortunately Magalhaes was unable to compete for the third place position so Barboza was awarded Bronze by default. The finals showcased Gordon Ryan’s famous back attack system (which you can get from our fanatics store to use in your own competition!). Gazola did a great job defending and clearly is well versed in technique and application, but going against The King can take down the best! 


The second semi final round in this division was a great show; Lachlan Giles managed to redeem himself from his earlier loss and met Gordon Ryan on the mats with a severe weight disadvantage. Eventually Ryan’s weight was enough to wear Giles down, thus allowing him to secure mount and transition to the back..and we all know what happens once Gordon Ryan ends up on your back. Giles was able to keep up his energy against Muhamad Aly in the fight for Bronze, submitting him by quickly attacking the legs and using his speed to his advantage against Aly. The prize match of the World Championships was Gordon Ryan and Marcus Almeida Buchecha. The first ten minutes of regulation time showed no advantage to either competitor, though both were taking multiple shots and submission attempts. The match would eventually go into two overtime rounds in which Gordon Ryan emerged as the ADCC Absolute World Champion. All hail the King! 

If you want to learn some of the incredible skills seen during the tournament by the BJJ Fanatics players, don’t forget to check out the sale on the website! Ryan’s back attack system, Lachlan Giles leg locks and Danaher’s complete guide that he has coached these amazing athletes with is all available for you to master. 

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