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A New and Innovative Approach to Guard Passing with Gordon Ryan

A New and Innovative Approach to Guard Passing with Gordon Ryan


Gordon Ryan Is Innovating The Passing Game!

I had a chance to experience Gordon Ryan’s guard passing a couple of months ago during a seminar at Leverage BJJ In Ohio. Garry Tonon and Gordon Ryan had come in together to give a seminar to a packed house of excited BJJ practitioners. The night before the seminar they were both gracious enough to train with close to 40 people in a row. Everyone was of course lining up to feel what it was like to train with these BJJ heroes that possessed such a high level of skill.

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I noticed during my roll with Gordon that he was approaching guard passing in a way that I really had never experienced. It seemed like he would just position himself above me with his weight mostly in his hands, and manipulate my lower body with his legs until he either passed my guard, or created a scenario where he could get tight to me and finish passing.

As the night went on, I was able to observe him doing the same thing to everyone in the room. Big guys, little guys, low ranks, high ranks, everyone seemed to be thrown off guard by it. Of course, Ryan’s BJJ is on another level regardless of what style of guard passing he was using, but this was certainly something that I really hadn’t seen or dabbled in.

When talking about guard passing, we often discuss things like posture, staying tight, not giving our weight to our opponent, etc. Some of Ryan’s guard passing seems to defy all of the traditional ideas we’ve come to know about guard passing. Have a look at this video. Ryan touches on some of the key elements of his system, and gives us an inside look at some of the concepts we’ll be exposed to in his new guard passing instructional with BJJ Fanatics.

Ryan approaches passing with three very clear methods in mind. Loose passing, tight passing, and using submissions to pass the guard. With the main goal being getting chest to chest with his partner, he can use these 3 ideas in combination to achieve this goal.

What else do you need? If you can develop your passing into a system based on these three ideas, you will have tremendous success. They can be linked in thousands of different combinations, and flow seamlessly together to get the job done.

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Adding the dynamic of the leg pommeling concept in my opinion really brings another element into the passing game. One that may throw a curve ball to most bottom players. Ryan explains how were mostly taught to keep heavy hips and pommel for upper body control, which will always still be an effective means of passing. But hovering above someone and out pommeling them with the legs could be a missing link to becoming proficient at stringing the three methods of passing together and having more success.

As Ryan hovers above his partner he looks for reactions. If his partner becomes focused on pushing away his upper body, he continues to beat their lower body with leg pommeling. If his partner becomes focused on Ryan’s lower body and commits their hands there, there are no longer hands in the way of getting chest tot chest, and he can now transition easily to tight passing.

There are some very intriguing concepts at work here. Ill be interested to see the rest of the content, and see more about Ryan’s systematic approach when applying these three ideas. We’ll be looking forward to this for sure! Coming soon!

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