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A Quick Guard Passing Lesson with Lucas Lepri

A Quick Guard Passing Lesson with Lucas Lepri


Base Concepts To Improve You Passing

The fine art of guard passing comes more naturally to some than others, but when the level gets high, there aren’t many guards that you’ll just steam roll your way through. Whether you prefer loose passing, tight passing, or using submissions to pass the guard, it will be imperative that you have sound concepts at work.

Lucas Lepri isn't just one of the best guard passers in the world, but he's got an incredible sit-up guard, and a system for learning it for every Jiu Jitsu athelete.


One of the most proficient guard passers in the world, Lucas Lepri, will soon be presenting us with a release titled, “The Science of Guard Passing”. Bjj Fanatics has had the pleasure of working with Lepri on this release, and they’ve released a small clip that you might want to take a look at. In this short video Lepri reviews a few key concepts from his passing game. Watch and listen, there are game changing ideas here in only 8 minutes of content. Enjoy.

Lepri speaks about levels first. I’m sure we’ll get more insight when the full release comes out, but this idea of not staying on the same level as the person you’re trying to pass makes a ton of sense. It seems if this is the case, we end up just continually butting heads while trying to pass. If we change the level it makes it more difficult for the guard player to keep us at bay.

Lepri also speaks about going with our partners energy as they push, pull, and elevate us. There are pockets of opportunity here to ride our partners energy, rather than fight it. For example, when an opponent pushes us away, we allow him to, and at the full extension of the push, we make our move.

There are just glimpses here of some of the ideas we’ll be exposed to on the new release. When the best in the world talk, it’s time to listen. We’ll be looking forward to this one!

Lucas Lepri has one of the most legendary Jiu Jitsu guard in the world... especially his Sit Up Guard. He is considered one of the most well rounded jiu jitsu athletes... dangerous from guard, passing the guard and attacking submissions. This his DVD / On Demand Series series, Lucas Lepri walks you through his IBJJF Worlds Competition proven sit-up guard system for all different scenarios. If you are a fan of great solid jiu jitsu, you don't want to be without this position! Check it out here!



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