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A Strong Single Leg Finish with Hudson Taylor!

A Strong Single Leg Finish with Hudson Taylor!


The single leg takedown might just be the most popular wrestling based take down to cross over to BJJ.

It lends itself in to BJJ in a variety of ways. It’s often considered to be a little bit safer that some of the other techniques from wrestling such as the double leg, where the guillotine or other positional blunders may be a threat. We see the single being implemented quite often at the highest levels of the sport, in gi and no gi settings. While the amount of takedowns to choose from to add to your game is endless. Having a solid single leg in the toolbox will serve you well.

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When we talk about finishing the single leg, we get into another entre world of different applications. Of course, some finishes compliment BJJ better than others, and we tend to gravitate towards these. But there are lots of factors that may determine how you may choose to finish your single leg. Is your opponent’s leg in between your legs? Maybe it’s on the inside of your body, or on the outside. Whatever the case may be, you’ll need to have a plan for the position of your opponent’s leg. Here’s a look at a single leg finish from Hudson Taylor. In this case the leg is on the inside of his body. Have a look!

In this scenario Taylor has secured his partners leg with an over hook, and the leg is against the left side of Taylor’s rib cage. As his partner secures a collar tie, Taylor blocks the close leg of his partner with his foot. He places the bottom of his foot just above his partners foot on the shin, careful to describe it as a block and not a kick. He then twists his body to the right and pushes his partners head in the direction of the block. From here, the world is your oyster and you can continue on whatever path you choose, but you’ve secured your takedown and gained dominant position.

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This is quick and easy. The more time you spend thinking after you’ve picked up the leg for a single, the more time your partner has to dismantle the position and stop the finish. Have a plan for your single leg that gets the job done!

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