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The First Submission Transition Every Grappler Should Master

The First Submission Transition Every Grappler Should Master


Easy Submission Sequence That Everyone Must Know!

The first submission transition I learned, and may new grapplers learn is how to connect the americana to the armbar.

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This specific transition is relatively simple and works at every level of grappling. Because the standard response people have to the Americana is to roll towards the arm being attacked, they expose their other arm openly. This transition is so easy that we even teach it newer kids students as well. The following video by BJJ Fanatics shows a brief example of this transition.


Unfortunately, attacking pinning the arm down for the Americana can be difficult against skilled or strong opponents. One tip I learned from Gordon Ryan at a seminar is to use a cross grip at the wrist and put my head over the arm as I push it. Moving the head over in that direction makes it easier to keep one’s weight over the arm, and therefore easier to keep it pinned.

After your opponent rolls over and you slide up to S-mount, do not rush to move to the armbar. After I get into S-mount, I like to slow down and tighten everything up as much as possible before I move. I also attempt to separate the arm I am attacking while in S-mount for a better finishing rate.

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Another thing you might notice here is that when someone rolls over to grab their arm, they expose their back as well. This is an excellent opportunity to slide up, secure a seat belt grip, and take the back. When taking the back, it is much better to sit to your butt with your opponent secure to you rather than just rolling on to your side as it will allow you to place your hooks and secure better control.

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