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Action Night: Best Finishes at EBI 6!



Last night in downtown Los Angeles, there was a historic event for the submission only format of no gi Jiu Jitsu. The Eddie Bravo International hosted their sixth event, which featured a variety of past and current Jiu Jitsu champions for an absolute tournament. It was certainly an action night. With a grand total of $50,000 available, there were some very memorable finishes. Here are the five best submission finishes of the night.


Garry Tonon vs Felipe Fogolin: Heel Hook

This match was one of the quickest in the tournament and had a nasty leg lock finish. Garry Tonon who has been on fire as of late faced off against Felipe Fogolin in the first match of the night. Tonon set the pace for the rest of the night. At 2 minutes and 43 seconds in, Tonon submitted Fogolin with a nasty heel hook and that was that.

DJ Jackson vs Bruno Bastos: Guillotine Choke

In what would be an upset of sorts, the man from Lloyd Irvin’s team, DJ Jackson would submit the much heavier and experienced Bruno Bastos. In a match where DJ was playing in Bastos half guard for most of the time, there was a small scramble in which Bastos tried standing up. DJ was able to gain head and arm control and then was able to lock in an arm in guillotine choke and pull guard for the finish.

Rustam Chsiev vs Amir Allam: North South Choke

This was the match where every competitor in the tournament took notice of Rustam Chsiev. With this bout, these were two massive monsters fighting against each other. With Chsiev being a solid 194lbs and Allam being at 265lbs, there was the notion that this fight would end in a definitive finish. And a definitive finish is what occured. The smaller (but still huge) Chsiev rag-dolled the heavier Allam and was able to dominate with passing and positions. Once Chisev was able to get to north south, he was able to lock in a crushing north south choke and secure his victory.

Matheus Diniz vs Richie Martinez: Armlock/Wristlock

In this quarter final match, one competitor would absolutely dominate and outclass his opponent. That competitor would be Matheus Diniz. Diniz, the very technical Marcelo Garcia black belt would take on 10th Planet’s own, Richie Martinez. In a lightning quick match, Diniz would take down Martinez, pass to north south and submit him with an armlock/wristlock. Diniz wasted no time in getting the win.

Gordon Ryan vs Rustam Chsiev: Rear Naked Choke

Gordon Ryan, the Garry Tonon black belt who was a late replacement for the injured Eddie Cummings did the impossible…he made it to the finals of the tournament. He was able to dispatch every competitor that he went up against. He beat Jacen Flynn in the opening match with a rear naked choke, Marcelo Bergo in the quarter finals with a kneebar and he then  submitted Yuri Simoes (and avenged his teacher’s loss) in the semi finals with a rear naked choke in overtime.

            But he was going up against the unstoppable Rustam Chsiev who rag-dolled, and out powered every competitor he faced. Amir Allam, DJ Jackson and Matheus Diniz all fell to him. It looked like Chsiev was going to become the first ever EBI Absolute Champ. In a match that saw both competitors cancel out each other’s games, both men were exhausted from their former battles.

            Time ran out and they had to go into the overtime rounds, where Chsiev had been successful more than anyone else. In the first OT round, Ryan was able to secure a faster escape time than Chsiev. Out muscled, but not out matched, in the second OT round, Ryan shocked the world and submitted the beast, Rustam Chsiev with a rear naked choke. Chsiev got his chance at redemption, but Ryan easily escaped and became the first ever EBI Absolute Champion!


There were some other fun finishes, but these definitely were the best of the event. EBI was once again able to put on a show that showcased the best of the best when it comes to no gi, submission only Jiu Jitsu! Congrats to all competitors that stepped up and put on an excellent night of submission grappling.




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