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ADCC NEWS: -77Kg Keeps Getting Deeper

ADCC NEWS: -77Kg Keeps Getting Deeper


ADCC is right around the corner! With that comes the shake ups of divisions as athletes settle into their respective divisions. When it was announced that Dillon was moving up, much to Gordon Ryans delight, the -77kg division at ADCC has only gotten DEEPER. Dante Leon received his invite with the vacancy left by Danis. At right about the same time a North American Trials Winner and former ADCC competitor announced they would be moving up from -66kg.

That Trials Winner none other than Nicky Ryan. Ryan put on a dominant display in the west coast trials at the under 66kg division submitting all of his opponents on his way to punching his ticket to ADCC. Nicky commented recently on how he didn’t want to rely on a possible invite to the event. Ryan performed well at the previous ADCC on two days notice so it’s a likely chance that he would receive the invite, however he didn’t want to leave it to chance. Instead he went out and punched his ticket!

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Garry Tonon, who is Nicky’s teammate/coach, announced that he would be withdrawing from ADCC due to MMA obligations for ONE Championship. Tonon has seen great success in his MMA career finishing all of his fights either by TKO or submission. The Grappling community is sad to see his withdrawal from ADCC as he routinely puts on some of the most exciting matches in all of Jiu-Jitsu. This is where Nicky Ryan saw an opportunity to bump up in weight class. 

Nicky Ryan is only 18 years old. John Danaher, in a recent interview with FloGrappling, commented on the fact that Ryan could easily make the cut to 145lbs. However he commented on the fact that Ryan is still developing physically, and it might be best for his long term career to not focus on weight cutting. Instead Nicky will have to rely on his razor sharp Jiu-Jitsu. This is a refreshing view coming from one of the best minds in the sport on weight cutting. Especially since Nicky’s physicality is catching up to his Jiu-Jitsu technique. 

ADCC is looking stronger and stronger by the day as the final competitor lists are completed. Soon we will be able to look at brackets, but for now we are only left to speculate on how things will turn out. Stay tuned for more coverage, and get pumped for ADCC 2019!

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