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Add The Fireman's Carry To Your Arsenal Of Take Downs!

Add The Fireman's Carry To Your Arsenal Of Take Downs!


Different Version Of The Fireman’s Carry by Dan Vallimont

When it comes to a well rounded style of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, one would be wise not to overlook the world of wrestling. There are many techniques that come from wrestling that when done well, can really improve your game. Single legs, double legs, Russian ties, and fireman’s carry are just some of the wrestling techniques utilized today in modern Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition. Even if wrestling is not your “style” you need to learn about these techniques in order to properly defend against them. Many high level Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitors already know this, and seek out world class wrestlers to help them out. Five time World Champion Bernardo Faria knows this, which is why he has invited Dan Vallimont to BJJ Fanatics Head Quarters today to demonstrate a different version of the fireman’s carry.

Wrestling take downs are some of the best techniques for your standing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu game. Some of toughest wrestlers and take downs artists in the world at the Russians. Rustam Chsiev is one of those toughest ADCC Vets in the world with a take down game that is a force to be wreckoned with.


Two time NCAA All American Dan Vallimont is currently the interim Assistant Coach with the Penn Wrestling team during the 2017 – 2018 season. Vallimont has had an exceptional career at both the NCAA and Olympic levels. He reached the NCAA Finals in 2010 for Penn State, and was third in 2008. Over his four trips to the NCAA Championships, he never finished lower than the Round of 12. He also was a member of the 2014 US World Cup Freestyle Team, and competed in the 2016 Olympic Trials in Iowa City, Iowa. Dan's coaching experience includes six years as an assistant coach and head assistant at EIWA foe Hofstra. At Hofstra, Dan was responsible for all aspects of the program including team training, recruiting, and program management.

Dan Vallimont is a pro when it comes to the fireman’s carry. Are you familiar with the fireman’s carry? The fireman’s carry is a classic take down in wrestling, and for a good reason. It provides the wrestler an opportunity for back points, and is extremely hard to defend as it is easily attacked from a variety of positions. It is important to remember the differences between a carry and a standard leg attack when performing a fireman’s carry. Dan is going to show us a different version of the fireman’s carry that will help you understand the fundamental concepts that go into making this technique very effective, especially in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu where a competitor may be less familiar with wrestling. Watch the video below of Dan Vallimont demonstrating a different version of the fireman’s carry and then will break down the technique. Check it out now!

Dan Vallimont starts off this technique in a situation where he has shot for a high outside single leg take down. Often times your opponent will bend down and lock his hands around your waist which sets you up perfectly to do the throw. The only technique involved is to grab your training partner’s wrist, and stand to throw your opponent over your far side. The feet positioning is important in this technique. You want them to be pointing in the opposite direction of the way your throw your training partner when you stand up. When Dan demonstrates this, he does it in one fluid motion, sending Bernardo flying. Talk about bad ass!

What is great about this throw is that it can be done by almost anyone no matter what your body type is or your athletic capability. Dan weighs only 165 pounds but look how easy it is for him to throw Bernardo, who is much bigger. Pay attention to Dan’s technique when he demonstrates it slowly. As he steps up he pops is hips to generate that explosive power that sends Bernardo flying. The key to this technique is the leverage that comes from using your legs. You will want to practice this one slow at first to get the feel for it, but keep in mind that the explosive power in this technique comes from quick, fluid movement. As you can tell this is a really cool throw, and one that your training partner will never see coming! If you shoot for single lefts often but end up getting stuffed this could be a great technique for you to add into your arsenal. Remember, the more variations on traditional techniques that you know, the more dynamic and well rounded your game will be. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and try this different version of the fireman’s carry from Dan Vallimont now!

Wrestling is a skill that all Brazilian Jiu Jitsu martial artists should explore. Not only will your take down game greatly increase for jiu jitsu, but you'll also see how wrestling concepts can integrate into your jiu jitsu skills to make you an even better grappler. Check out Rustem's DVD / On Demand series called Russian Hacks to quickly integrate some Russian Wrestling Hacks into your game.



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