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How To Be A 'BJJ White Belt' Tips


The Journey of a  BJJ White Belt is not an easy one, for the first month of two trying to figure out "what jiu jitsu is" can be a challenging task for a white belt.
But, it get's easier QUICKLY and then it becomes a journey of growth and discovery.  Sooner or later, the BJJ white belt tied around your waist, is just keeping your pants up :)

Having solid foundations in jiu jitsu is one of the most important keys to success as a white belt and throughout your whole BJJ Journey.


Here are some of our tips for new white belts in BJJ.

So, you have started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. You did the hard part…you checked out your school, you paid your fee, got your gi and now you’re ready to rock and roll. Though everything is lining up, perhaps you are looking for advice as a new white belt. Well, there are some solid pieces of advice that I can give to you white belts. Some may seem pretty obvious, while other pieces might be new to you. Here is some of the best advice that I can give to a new white belt…

Come to class

Self explanatory, right? You simply need to show up to class and put in the work. You need to learn the movements, the techniques and you need to roll (spar). At first, you will probably be gung ho about Jiu Jitsu. But after a couple of months, you might find yourself coming up with excuses to miss class. In your mind, the excuses will be justified and make sense, but in reality, those excuses are just hurting your Jiu Jitsu. Don’t skip class to watch a television show or be a couch potato. Make the effort!

Stick to the basics

As a white belt, you will learn many of the needed techniques to succeed at that level, and eventually beyond. The biggest enemy to your progress can actually be YouTube videos. There are so many ridiculous videos on low percentage, almost impossible to hit techniques. But because they look cool and flashy, you will want to go for them. DON’T. Work your sweeps, submissions and other basics that your coach will show you. You don’t want to be the guy that constantly gets submitted during sparring because you were going for a “rolling-twisty-double-calf-bar”. Work the good stuff, the stuff that will work.

Pay attention

This piece of advice kind of goes along with the first. When you go to class, please pay attention to your instructor. I’ve seen it too many times. People try to chit chat when they are suppose to be drilling a technique. They lose out on key details. And not only that, but they lose out on the body memorization that comes along with the drill. Save the discussions for after class. Once again, too much talking during drilling will simply hurt your progress. Don’t sabotage yourself.

While this stuff that I’m telling you isn’t revolutionary by any means, it is the advice that you need to take to heart. If you can follow through on these pieces of wisdom, you will do just fine in Jiu Jitsu. Take your time, learn a lot and have fun. Those are the elements for great Jiu Jitsu. Another excellent way to learn BJJ in addition to your time training at the gym, is to pick up a solid, real deal instructional DVD. For white belts and even blue belts, I recommend…

Bernardo Faria is known as one of the best teachers for all levels of Jiu Jitsu because all of his techniques require no strength, speed or flexibility. His Jiu Jitsu Foundations DVD shows you how to learn simple concepts and approaches that will make your jiu jitsu game scary.


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