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Amazing BJJ Sweep From X Guard by Bruno Malfacine

Amazing BJJ Sweep From X Guard by Bruno Malfacine


Bruno Malfacine is a master of open guards, and has a killer X guard. Bruno is a smaller guy, but he has dominated bigger opponent’s in some of the world’s most prestigious events

Many people see Bruno Malfacine as the best pound for pound BJJ fighter ever. He is a 10x Black Belt World Champion and the only competitor to win 10 titles in the same weight division. Some of Bruno’s main achievements at black belt level are IBJJF World Champion, IBJJF Pan American Champion, IBJJF European Open Champion, IBJJF Rio International Open Champion and more.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a discipline made for the smaller man to be able to beat the bigger man. It doesn’t matter if you are smaller, slower, or older, if you know more about applying leverage and technique then you can still sweep and submit anyone. As a career roosterweight, no one knows this better than Bruno Malfacine


Bruno has an amazing sweep from X Guard that can take down any opponent. Bruno has an entire instructional series dedicated to beating the bigger guys called “How To Beat Bigger Guys” available exclusively on! In this series, the 127 lb monster shows all of his secrets to sweep and submit anyone. Watch the video below of Bruno Malfacine demonstrating the inside leg trip from X guard and then we will break down his technique. Check it out now!

To hit this sweep, Bruno starts off by first establishing his guard. He secures a cross collar grip, and grips the gi pants on the same side. Now Bruno can pull himself in and set his hooks. Bruno pulls his opponent and kicks with his legs, effectively trap his opponent’s leg. From here Bruno repositions. He switches his hook to the back of the knee, using his other foot to control the far leg. Bruno then gets control of his training partner’s leg with an over hook around the ankle. This causes his opponent to have a wide base, making him unstable. Now Bruno can pass the leg he has trapped to the other side of his head. He uses both of his hands to control his opponent’s leg. To pass the leg over Bruno uses the gi pant grip to push the leg over while swimming his other hand underneath and over to secure his grip. His arm comes all the way through so he can get his hand behind his training partner’s knee before establishing a collar grip. With the collar grip and leg completely secured, Bruno can start attacking his partner, making him think he is trying for a submission. By pulling his opponent’s arm it causes him to pull back. Bruno uses this momentum to set up, coming to his knee. Notice that Bruno’s other hook it still set, which sweeps his opponent. He keeps that hook while controlling the leg and passing into side control.

As you can tell this is a very powerful sweep that does not require a lot of effort to do. It also allows you to work very methodically from one position to the next. If you liked this technique then be sure to check out Bruno’s amazing instructional series called “How To Beat Bigger Guys” for some moves that will work against even the biggest guys in your gym!

We’ve all been the unfortunate smaller fighter, every once in a while.... Getting stuck on bottom with no answers

No way to create space and control the fight is a horrible feeling! Training down in Brazil, Bruno had to deal with this all the time, and before long he was finding new ways to counter and move that let him take charge of his bigger and stronger partners. With his guard game refined down to just pure BJJ, he’s excited to bring his experience to the public across this instructional video set.

Bruno has never before released an instructional video series. Be the first to learn the secrets of the most successful Jiu Jitsu competitor in the world!!





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